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If you made a mistake, apologize.

If you are appreciative, show it.

If you are stuck, ask for help.

If you love someone, tell them, now.

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Jeff Bezos speaking about innovation and the importance of asking the right questions: 

Never lose childlike wonder.
Tell the truth, all the time.
Show gratitude.
Don't complain; just work harder.
Never give up.
—Randy Pausch

SHAREit, a file transfer app from Lenovo Group's incubator program has helped connect 1 Billion Users.

Mark Twain : “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

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Google Launches Invisible ReCAPTCHA

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Brilliant tweetstorm by CS PhD Student at Stanford Bharath Ramsundar on Artificial Intelligence:

Just finished reading "Homo Deus" by Yuval Novari. Highly recommend! Many interesting ideas in this book

2/ The author notes important split between the intelligence and consciousness. Today's AI is becoming intelligent, not conscious.

3/ As machine-learning/AI researchers, it's worth asking why we've made no progress on consciousness. What are we missing?

4/ I have no better answers than anyone else whose thought about the problem, but makes me think present-day AI is still missing key parts

5/ Organizations such as @OpenAI and @DeepMindAI are pushing headlong towards Artificial General Intelligence

6/ Vaguely, this is defined as an AI that can do all the things a human can. Need an AGI be conscious though?

7/ Given most approaches to AGI are based on generative modeling plus reinforcement learning, I'd say not at all...

8/ This is starting to touch on Searle's chinese room argument. How can a mechanical system be intelligent?

9/ I think Searle's argument is flawed, because it's becoming clear that intelligence and consciousness are only loosely linked

10/ If this is the case, what is the hallmark of consciousness, shared by most mammals, and not by any algorithm we've invented?

11/ Can large scale neuroscience resolve the issue? Most large brain ventures are connectionist and aim to find network structure of brain

12/ While these studies will likely inspire elaborate deep-learning architectures, not sure they'll resolve puzzle of consciousness

13/ The one mathematical take I've seen on consciousness is integrated information theory.

14/ Unfortunately, many scientists are deeply suspicious of I.I.T since it implies complex circuits are conscious

15/ The very sparsity of mathematical research on consciousness is striking. None of our mathematical tools let us even get a handle on it!

16/ I'd wager a mathematical theory of consciousness requires some fundamental math breakthrough, which much richer bio data

17/ Also, hope to see more debates about consciousness at the big AI shops when discussing AGI.

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