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The framework that powers Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In
The framework that powers Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In

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Our latest release (v2-0-20111126) adds a leaderboard! We've also added at least one subscriber to each task, so that updates don't go completely unnoticed.

We just deployed a new release (v2-0-20111122), you can now see this version number at the bottom of the page. We've added a TinyMCE editor to the comments, so you can now format your comments all pretty-like (don't overdo it). There is now an "Needs more work" button available if a student has submitted their work. Requests and Invites are listed on your dashboard, so that if you lose the original email you can check your dashboard instead.

The avatar picker is now live as well! Avatars will be shown on the leaderboard and in comments in a future release, but you can go ahead and choose your avatar now!

There's a couple of known issues:
* Some students are having trouble with uploading their work, we're looking into this.
* There is no list of completed tasks on the student dashboard yet

Many thanks to +EchoDitto for their great work on our new logo (and scrapbook pictures). They are the same team that came up with the awesome new +Google Summer of Code and +Google Code-in designs. Awesome work!

Due to the difficulties of the past week in getting everything ready for the program we will allow editing tasks for one week past the original deadline, that is Monday the 28th of November. You will be able to change the metadata of a task as long as it is in the 'Open' state.

Our apologies for the rough ride so far, and thank you for bearing with us.

Guess what? Task deletion is now available to all org admins starting with today's release (2-0-20111119-p2)! Simply click on the task page in the task list (not the 'edit' link) to got to view task page, which has a 'delete' button if you're an org admin.

With the latest release (v2-0-20111108) the edit task page now has a TinyMCE editor so you can SWYG while you edit. We also added a 'list all mentors' page for org admins, and fixed a bunch of bugs.

Thank you to all admins and mentors for being patient while we try to get everything in order.

New release will be deployed tomorrow containing:
* Invite mentors
* Create tasks
* Bulk Upload tasks

Org admins, ready your tasks!

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The Melange team got together for an all-hands the week after the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit.
Melange All Hands meeting in Mountain View and San Francisco!
Melange All Hands Q4 2011 (8 photos)
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Well, that went a little less smooth than expected. Organizations were accepted successfully, but the welcome emails contained a relative url (missing the bit). Lessons learned: even if you have tests something might very well go wrong.

Finished a new release (v2-0-20111108) just in time! Added at the last moment was an accepted organizations page, which will sure come in handy when accepted organizations are accepted any moment now!
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