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Wendy Wolf (Rev Wendy)
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

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Don't let go until you are blessed
Many thanks to john pavlovitz  and his ministry.   This is my response to his post:  The Faith Crisis Epidemic in America  on I agree. And as challenging, saddening, and confronting as this all is,  I believe it is (in the big picture) good news. The body o...

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Guest Post: Julian Roath   We are not separate from God. We are saturated with God. For years I
believed the lie that my bad behaviour, my "sin", separated me from God. THAT WAS A LIE The only separation was in my choice to turn away from God in shame. I

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Playing our own Game
Lately, I am all about we gotta "play our own game" (even more than I was before ; ) It is far to easy to get hooked, to get stopped, to fall into inner isometrics and outer stopped... I believe the answer is for each of us to "play our own game" and show w...

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Being the Captain of our Lives? (Yes! Owning our Free-will is KEY in our Spiritual Walk)
. I believe owning our Free-will is KEY in our Spiritual Walk. Spiritually taking Authority, having Dominion... I call this Seniority - Being the Captain of our Lives Some disagree that we should be in Charge of our own lives - They say that God is to be in...

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The Way Jesus Loved - and we can too!
I've been having a bit of a challenging morning. We enjoyed a sweet Women's Circle last night, and sometimes after leading programs where shifts happen and new possibilities open for myself and for others - I notice push-back from myself and from external f...

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Learning to feed ourselves, and - from there - others
  When I am stuck, when I feel broken, when my soul is hungry... It is useful when the question, the request, my ASK... is bigger than: please I need a fish, and I really need it now! From this desperate place, I have great motivation and powerful potential...

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Where we trip IS our Treasure
Sometimes our Healing, Learning, Growth, Transformation… takes a Giant Leap. We say a BIG YES and magic happens, we are blessed, the stars align - and our lives move forward. Sometimes our healing is easy, fun, fast, miraculous. But... Usually we progress i...

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{Guest Post) Listen. The Spirit speaks.
Guest Post: Jo Hilder God
speaks. And you hear His voice.  You do.  But do you recognise His voice? We are trained early and consistently by those who wish to lead us that
our inner voice cannot be trusted, that we need another to teach us and
guide us. ...

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the Divine Presence does not fail
If I had to name my disability, I
would call it an unwillingness to fall... This reluctance signals the
mistrust of the central truth of the Christian gospel: life springs from
death, not only at the last but also in the many little deaths along
the way...

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God gave me this verse to me personally, in the midst of very long, very deep, very dark night of the soul. And it really was a pinpoint of light at the end of a many, many years long tunnel. I want to say for all to hear, it was worth the journey. He shall...
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