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Miller's Ale House Inc
612 N Orange Ave # C6, Jupiter, FL 33458, United States
(561) 743-2299


Miller's Ale House Inc

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Miller’s Ale House Restaurants is proud to announce the release of their recently redesigned, state-of-the-art website, Custom built by Sarasota, FL based marketing company – Miles Media, site improvements focus on customer engagement and information, ease of navigation and enhanced internet and smart phone discoverability.

“The new website site reflects many of the ways in which we are growing as company,” says Dave Reid, Executive Vice President of Operations for Miller’s Ale House Restaurants. “Giving the customer what they want has always been the priority for Miller’s Ale House, and we excel at that inside the restaurant. With recent research confirming that ‘finding restaurant information’ is the number one use of mobile devices, we were determined to deliver what our customer wants in the online space as well. We challenged our team to develop a website that reflects our brand, introduces Miller’s Ale House in new markets as we expand, engages our Raving Fans and provides the information our customers want in a way that it can be easily navigated online or from a smart phone.”

Guests can now easily locate special and static food and beverage menus (including Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options), as well as current events and promotions, store locations, and career and real estate information. Further, each of the 57 Miller’s Ale House locations will have their own independent webpages off the main site, featuring individualized specials, events and pertinent store information.

Another prominent feature of the new website is the “Get Offers” navigation tab where Miller’s encourages visitors to join our popular Raving Fans E-Club. Raving Fans enjoy exclusive benefits and are entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win Miller’s Ale House World Famous Zingers® every month for a year. Other benefits include a free gift on the Raving Fan’s Birthday and E-Club “Join Anniversary” dates, as well as alerts about current events, exclusive restaurant coupons, promotions and much more.
Miller's Ale House restaurants provide top-quality food and great value in a casual neighborhood tavern atmosphere.
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Miller's Ale House in Brandon has fantastic service.  Seth is a mind reader.  He anticipates when you're ready to order and knows when you want to leave.  You never have to look for him.
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Miller's Ale House Inc

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It's not too late! TEXT to WIN a Golf Cart courtesy of our Miller Lite Golf Cart Sweepstakes!!! Head over to your favorite Florida Ale House location today to find the text code! The winner will be annouced in April, good luck to all!
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I cannot believe the level of service I receive at Ale House. Let me begin by saying that my friends and I enjoy coming to Ale House and make it a point to come here a couple times a month. But this Saturday was a complete disaster. So we come to the North Miami Ale House location on Saturday @ 10:00 and are seated. Ladies and gentale men the countless rounds of horrible service begins…. To start off we didn’t get our drinks for about 20-25 min. (We didn’t get anything fancy just water and a sprite). And it took about another 10-15 for us to put in our food order!!!! Don’t you hate when you see your waiter socializing with everyone AT WORK EXCEPT THE CUSTOMERS THEY SHOULD BE WAITING ON, its like…. Hey…Hello…Im here… well that was RICARDO our waiter @ the North Miami Beach Location. I could tell from his fedora hat that he was tooo cool for the job and had an attitude like who cares, im the boss type of attitude. 

When he finally thought that we were important enough to take our order he came around and pretended like he was busy…very unlikely. Ive worked in the food business before and I know you are never too busy to say “hello”, take a drink order within the first 5 min of someone sitting down. We finally got to order our food and I got chicken wings with fries and my friend got an zinger mountain melt and THAT’S IT… Not a crazy order, not a difficult complicated order, not a “hey im a douchebag and I would like to change the entire menu order”. Let me tell you the food took FOREVER!!!! And we have to repeatedly ask “ hey is the food ready”, I mean cus by then it was around @11pm already and we are super hungry. We finally get our food and the zinger mountain melt my friend got was the wrong order. But everything else came out ok… RICARDO came to the table and said with an ENTITLED VOICE “you ordered a zinger melt not a mountain melt and I have it written right here…” and he showed us his little black where he wrote the order in. HOW RUDE IT THAT!!! I KNOW WHAT I ORDERED AND I CLEARLY REMEMBER WHAT MY FRIEND ORDERED!!! JUST GET THE FOOD AND STOP PLAYING GAMES RICARDO. 

We waited another 20 min before we had to ask Ricardo “hey are the ZINGER MOUNTAIN MELT almost ready.” He said let me check came back and told us that the kitchen burned the food. Come on really…. That’s when we got a little frustrated and we asked for the manager. The manager came over and we explained what happened and he said no problem we will make a new zinger right away and it will be out in 5 min (which It was). He also said that he would take the zingers off our tab… But when we got our check RICARDO tried to charges us for the zingers. 

How do I explain RICARDO…. He is like the creepy friend you haven’t seen in a while if you were walking down the street and you know hes up to no good, so you cross the street to avoid any contact.

So we asked for the manager again, we finally got the zingers taken off and left. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone not even my worse enemy which we can call “RICARDO”. Do go here SERVICE SUCK, WORSE EXPECIENCE EVER, EVER , EVER!!!!
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The first Ale House Restaurant was opened by owners Jack and Claire Miller in Jupiter, Florida in 1988. This successful casual-dining restaurant chain attracts customers from all walks of life by offering great food and drinks at an unmatched value. The chain has grown steadily, but conservatively, with a total of 57 restaurants throughout 8 states, as of March 2012.


Since its inception, the Ale House has continued to develop into a classic restaurant success story, even being named one of Nation's Restaurant News' "Regional Powerhouse Chains".


When an Ale House Restaurant opens its doors, it quickly becomes identified within the local community as the ideal meeting ground for people to come relax, have an enjoyable lunch or dinner, socialize with friends, game watch on one of the largest collections of HD TV's to be found, or bring the entire family in for a great meal and some fun; all experiences personified by the Ale House motto "A Reel Great Place to Catch a Good Time!"


All Ale House Restaurants contain a full-service bar featuring wine, liquor and over 75 varieties of beer. Two featured proprietary menu items include the "World Famous Zingers®" (signature boneless chicken wings coated in a choice of sauces) and a layered homemade ice cream cake dessert known as "Captain Jack's Buried Treasure®".


Designed to attract a broad variety of customers, the Ale House menu focuses on Food Quality, Freshness and Value. The menu offers delicious Steaks, fresh Seafood, original Pasta dishes, healthy Salads, robust Sandwiches and homemade Desserts, all served within the comfortable and social atmosphere of a neighborhood family tavern.


The Ale House continues to build a strong base of enthusiastic, loyal fans, with the Company’s Mission statement simply stating:  “All Actions Create Ale House Raving Fans".

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(561) 743-2299
612 N Orange Ave # C6, Jupiter, FL 33458, United States
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