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I am Jed and I feel like Google+ will be a success for the following reasons:

1. It is slightly better than Facebook.

2. If this were Twitter, this post would be over by now.

3. We LOVE moving social networks. It feels good. We forget that because Facebook became standard, but the whole friendster, myface, spacebook dance had less to do with the improvements each offered (though there were some in each case) and more to do with the feeling of "look at this new pretty interface hey look how many people I am friends with look I uploaded a new picture holy shit Susan I forgot about her she looks ridiculous now hey look at the pretty interface." In fact I think we should all silently agree to move social networks every three years. Sort of like how we silently agreed to think the Charlie Sheen thing wasn't interesting anymore. A good business plan going forward would be - slightly better than Google+.

4. We all rooted for Facebook at the beginning because it was about the user and myspace had become a wasteland of bad html and shitty bands and they sold to Rupert and fuck myspace. But now facebook has 68 gazillion dollars and an oscar and it owns mexico and our thoughts and keeps changing the settings without us knowing from "private" to "your laptop camera is always on and everyone is watching" and fuck facebook.

5. I seem to be using it right now to write a long winded post about nothing really, and I haven't looked at facebook since Obama was a long shot.

6. It feels really good to help a company get on it's feet.*

*That was a joke. And a asterisk is how I will indicate sarcasm from now on. We think we are making decisions but are tiny pawns in a struggle for world domination. Google was the most visited website in 2009, and Facebook was the most visited in 2010. Hmmmmm. Only a matter of time before we fly FacebookAir to Google, which is what the moon will be called.
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Sorry to ask questions that have been asked, but if I post this, can everyone who has added me to a circle see it, or just people I have added? And when I just clicked "Public" under "add more people", did I answer my own question?
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