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Any of my IM friends: Do you know of this guy or his product and whether or not it's worth my $100 investment? The video looks very tempting. I like videos where the tips are shared and case studies presented. And he got to the point. But I don't know the seller or his reputation so I want people I know to let me know if they know anything. LOL! Got that? Now who's on first? (lol).
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Thanks for letting me know and no, I don't ;) 
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Tiffany Lambert

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Ok thanks for that. I will bookmark your new home. :)
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Challenge PLR w/Coupon

You all know how I love hosting challenges on my blog – and they go over well! Alice Seba put together a 15-day challenge PLR pack that you can use with your own audience. These are cool because it could be tailored for your voice easily. 

This particular pack is a 15-day email marketing challenge that is meant to help your readers grow their list, get more results from their emails, sprout better email habits, and connect with their niche. 

To get an $8 discount, use the code EMAILCHALLENGE when you check it out.

It comes with:
- 5 Emails with Daily Tips and Tasks
- A Report version of the 15-Day Challenge
- Challenge images including the PSDs
- 30 Opt-in Giveaway Ideas
- 25 More Ways to Build Your Mailing List
- Subject Line Swipe File
- 15-Day At-A-Glance Challenge Calendar
- Make the Most of Your PLR
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Tiffany Lambert

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Week 2 weigh in. With vlog and text.
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Tiffany Lambert

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We started on product development stuff today!
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Tiffany Lambert

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Seeing as how I have negative decor skills and planning for things like this, I would truly appreciate your advice in which one to do first.
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Tiffany Lambert

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Shift of mindset.
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Those are a treat! :)
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Tiffany Lambert

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Fast Good Cheap. Pick 2.
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Warrior Forum sold and new owners make changes effective immediately -
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We will just have to wait and see what happens.  Sounds good so far.
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I teach people how to make money online with their ethics intact - that's what sets me apart.
  • Write Consultants, Inc.
    President and CEO of Internet Marketing, present
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DFW - Texas and South Carolina
Blogger| Ethical | Marketer | Mom (best title) | Niche Enthusiast | Motivator
I'm on G+ to get to know people on a personal and professional level. I tell you this because if you circle me for marketing, and ONLY share your marketing stuff with me, I won't feel a connection. That's not personable. I like people, not products :)

So let me tell you a little about me and if you feel we'd get along great, circle me and I'll circle you back!


I'm a divorced mother of 3 angels, ages 21, 14, and 9. Everything I do is because I worship my kids. I'm protective of my kids, so you won't find me posting pictures or videos online of them. 

I get angry with parents who mistreat their kids or don't put them above all else - they are our precious gifts.


In 1999 I had a sweet little boy who was diagnosed w/RSV (a respiratory illness). I had pursued Journalism in college but nobody told me newspaper writers don't get paid much :) so I was working at a bank. I walked out the day he was diagnosed and starting working from home with NO clue how I would make ends meet.

The first few years were a struggle - I was freelance ghostwriting for other online marketers. Six years later, I ventured out on my own and not only learned what vast opportunities there are in online sales, but started teaching others, too.

I get my most fulfilling moments helping people who are fed up with scumbag ethics and finally find me and realize that not everyone's out to rip them off.

I help others gain their footing on my Online Business Blog. That's a separate blog from my personal stuff, where I talk about fitness and finances - and just life in general. You can find that on my Claiming My Power blog. 


I am sweet - until I'm not :) That's if and when you cross me, and I have to turn into a Honey Badger. And by crossing me, I don't mean disagreeing with me. 

I can entertain a debate or argument all day long. I think no two humans are cookie cutter replicas, so we're bound to disagree and agree on many things. 

I love reading things like Jodi Picoult. I am a TV addict - Netflix, really - love Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, but I also like Sons of Anarchy and so many other shows. I have a sweet baby chihuahua named Honey. 

I love to cook and a couple of years ago I grossed myself into being a vegetarian for five years. I recently had to quit because I became anemic (not due to vegetarianism), so now I eat meat part time. 

I have the ability to get into intense arguments with someone one minute and make a truce and laugh about it the next - it's called "getting over it." 

If and when you circle me, feel free to shoot me a message and tell me why, so I can put you into a proper circle.
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Been using Mallory since I was a teenager (I'm now 41) and he's great.
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