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I Just Bought This Because It's Level Up Time - Excited!

There are some people who, when they release a new course, you just pull the trigger and buy it. You don't even ask. You just BOOM - take my money.

Connie Ragan Green is that kind of person for me. Legendary. And when I heard she had a course with a guy named Noel Watts called JVs Made Simple, I whipped out the PayPal details and grabbed it.

This is something that's SO important - whether you have a list or a product or not. Learn JV early because if you learn how to do it right, then you build a list of other peoples' lists and you can set up your very first product launch perfectly right out of the gate with affiliate partners onboard or a special partner to boost your name up when you don't have as much clout. That is SO important. Why would you do work to create a product, only to do it halfway and flop with it?

Look at the course details here - and by the way it's under 10 bucks - a steal:

This is something I'll be blogging about and going through. I'm so excited. One of the reasons I wanted this so bad is because it's teaching something I'm already being left behind on - JVing in the Google Docs world. Sounds odd, but there are often little things like this that let other partners know whether you're behind the times or up to speed. I don't want to be behind anymore in this area.

Now I'm not new to Internet Marketing, but in many ways, I still am right there along with you - haven't taken some important steps that I need to do. Connie's course is for newbie marketers and those who need to network with more successful marketers but don't know how yet.

It's great for people who don't have all the skills or who don't want to go it alone on launches. I'm ready to dig in and see what she has to say about this. I'll start going through it thoroughly today!

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Ending Tonight Forever!

I have been SO excited about Edmund Loh's Big Traffic Firesale but sadly, it's ending tonight right before midnight EST.

This is one area that's perfect for you to get and implement and share results as you make profits.

I have an entire IM Site Strategy lesson for you here:

Right below that video is the link to Edmund's course, so I suggest you check it out but turn your volume down before you click on his link because he has a whistle noise at first.

Now the people who need help with traffic - you'll want to watch this video, too - it's all about 3-tier traffic and what truly still scares me:

Don't forget - I have a BONUS on the front end of 25 domains I brainstormed. Plus, if you get one of the OTOs, you can get my $263 MEGA Bonus of PLR from my store that complements his mega pack nicely. Just send me your receipt(s) so I can send it on! By the way, my bonus content means that first video above will give you a TON of site content and products to sell.

Remember - Edmund is the marketer who selflessly advised ME on creating funnels and he also offered his $0.02 about upgrading my web copy. What he taught me resulted in THOUSANDS of dollars in increased revenue - and when he teaches something, as he's done with this big traffic course, it's a good idea to sit up and take notice.

If you don't want to watch the video tutorials but you want to go straight to his offer, it's here (watch that volume!):

WARNING: Grab it before midnight because it's NOT a situation where the price goes up - it's a situation where he's yanking it down for GOOD! You won't be able to come back later and pick it up - even at a higher price.

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Remember My Lesson About Add-On Money? (for Health Nichers)

Not too long ago, I taught y'all a lesson about add-on profits where you can focus YOUR efforts on things people typically add on - accessories. So for example, instead of Halloween costumes, you might focus on Halloween wigs or masks or makeup.

I once ran several product sites (I flipped them) that were about... toilet seats!

Well guess where a TON of my money came from on those sites?


Everything you usually see in the "also bought" on Amazon is something you can build a site about. For toilet seat buyers I sold them seat tightening kits, valve and flapper repair kits, motion sensors for lights, seat warmers, and more.

Well if you're the the health niche, you're likely teaching an audience that includes women - and many women specifically over 50 years old. I thought about this strategy when I saw Casey Anders' new PLR launch about Vitamins And Minerals For Health And Longevity After 50 on sale here:

I started thinking, "That's a TON of great content," but how could I set myself apart from others with it? Start an accessory site. Anything that complements the original products. Something most affiliates ignore because they're too busy trying to get sales on treadmills and P90X DVDs and so on.

When you think of vitamins and minerals, what are some accessories that come to mind? I can think of some!

- Pill boxes (organizers)
- Pill dispensers and planners (these are timed)
- Pill splitters and crushers
- Pill keychains

So you could create a site for those and use the content in the pack to beef up your blog. You could get one of these available domains:
Or... get a domain specifically for this niche, such as one of these available domains:
In her vitamin and minerals pack (which is on sale for just a few days), you get this brand new content:
5 HD Vitamin Rich Recipes
Vitamin Handbook For Over 50s – 9800 words w/ eCover and Copyright free images
Vitamin Handbook For Over 50s Sales Page – 1400 words
7 Ways For Over 50s To Get More Vitamins Autoresponder Series (7 emails)
Vitamins And Minerals For Bone Health After 50 Report – 2800 words w/ eCover and Copyright free images
Vitamin Supplements For Over 50s Report – 2800 words w/eCover and Copyright free images
Vitamins For Vibrant Hair And Skin After 50 Report – 2800 words w/ eCover and Copyright free images
15 Articles – 700 words each
10 Vitamin Rich Food Social Videos
Casey's stuff is soooo good! You won't be disappointed in her content - videos or text. After you get the front end here, you'll see her one time offer sale:

In the one time offer, which is also all brand new content, you get:
5 HD Vitamin Rich Recipes
Best Vitamins And Minerals For Thyroid Health Report - 2800 words w/eCover and Copyright free images
Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamins And Minerals For Over 50s – 2800 words w/eCover and Copyright free images
Vitamins And Minerals For Mental Clarity After 50 – 2800 words w/eCover and Copyright free images
Preventing Iron Deficiency (Over 50s) – 2800 words
15 Articles – 700 words each
10 Mineral Rich Food Social Videos
My Bonus:

I went straight to the news about seniors and vitamins and minerals and I crafted 5 articles specifically with those slants that are currently being discussed in the news.

You get this exclusive pack that will never be on my store or sold elsewhere:

Powerful Vitamin and Supplement Duo for Strength-Training Senior Women - 423 words
Take B12 and Do These Exercises for Back Pain Relief Over 50 - 457 words
How Vitamin C and Exercise Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy - 410 words
Coenzyme Q10 for Seniors Suffering During Exercise - 429 words
How Vitamins Paired with Exercise Stave Off the Aging Process - 415 words

You get that when you grab the main front end pack at the link above.

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Watch Me Develop a Profit Strategy

I love brainstorming ideas that you can implement. This past week we've been discussing traffic and implementation of other peoples' products, right? Well I'm going to show you one way I ended up seeing a ton of profits off of a strategy that just sort of came about - I wasn't trying for it.

I'll show you:

1. Items you can get to implement it.
2. Domain brainstorming (first come, first served with the ideas if you want to grab them)
3. Profit strategy for both short and long-term
4. Outsourcing or delegating so you get up and running fast
5. Mind mapping a plan for your success on the topic

I'm using an example in here but you can take ANY concept and apply the same method to it.

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My Analysis - I'm a D Level - Ugh!

So many of you express amazement at my level of productivity, but I'm a hot mess to be honest. Yes, I get stuff done - but it's not HOW I want to get it all done. And not the exact things I want to be getting done, either.

I did my free productivity analysis with Michael Hyatt's quiz and it determined I was a "pressurized performer." You can take the quiz here and see what "type" you are:

Wow he pegged me perfectly. I work EXACTLY like that and to be honest, I am NOT productive when I'm not under pressure. So that stinks because I always have to be under the gun to get things accomplished.

Why am I even telling you about a quiz and analysis for productivity? After all, you want STEP-BY-STEP stuff, right?

Well, because you can have every step-by-step task in the WORLD and still be a total failure if your productivity is off kilter. Think of how many times you've bought and not used something. I've only done it once. Seriously, I'm an implementer BIG time.

The quiz results told me I'm 66% successful. TONS of room for improvement.

9 Word Profit Attack Formula

Ohhhhhh myyyy goshhhh I just read something really cool. It's for BOTH non fiction and fiction writers - so that includes print and digital publishing. If you are blending into the wallpaper and not getting noticed with whatever you write, GET THIS.

It's called the Attack Formula. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my brain exploded with ideas. I love stuff that's a good read, and not boring and anything that instantly has me going, "OH! I could..." is amazing. This one did that for me.

In fact, one thing that struck me HARD in the sales copy (yes, I read it - duh!) was when he talks about using this on UNDER performing books - not just forward thinking for future stuff.

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1 Traffic Tactic I'm Learning

Okay, people I am FACING my fears! There's one traffic strategy that I'm gun shy about. I talk about it in today's 10 minute video discussion about 3 tier traffic implementation:

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There are three “levels” to traffic generation and I strongly urge you to go IN ORDER for learning and implementing them.

They are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is where your site is set up to attract and inform search engines like Google and others about what your site contributes to the online community so they can share it with the right people.

2. Free Traffic, which is traffic that comes from your efforts on free sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for example. But ALSO includes affiliate recruitment traffic – in other words, leveraging someone ELSE’S list!

3. Paid Traffic, which is when you buy exposure to your site – through things like solo ads (ads to other peoples’ lists), FB Advertising, Google AdWords (ads you pay for on the search engine) and more.

Many newbies jump straight into paid ads and go broke without making a single cent! All because they didn’t level up and learn what they needed to do properly.

Would you ever try to go deep-sea diving without scuba gear?

I didn’t think so.

Then why would you ever pay for traffic without first learning how to get it free – or learning the right way to do paid ads from someone already succeeding at it?

There are many people who don’t use courses to learn, simply because they think, “Oh I’ll just try it myself and see if I can figure it out.”

But that’s SUCH a waste of money.

Turns out, people (like me) who learn both free and paid strategies when they want to master something – and who implement those lessons – excel at it and continue leveling up their INCOME year after year, instead of going in the hole.

For months early on in my IM career, I tried paying for traffic first. It didn’t work. I didn’t understand the process (sure I could follow directions in the site but I didn’t understand the STRATEGY part).

It was a disaster. A pure disaster. I wasted a lot of time and money desperately trying to get traffic, when all along I could have gotten the RIGHT people to visit my site if I had just invested that money in a proper course instead. I didn't quit because I got smart, either. I quit because I ran out of what little money I had at the time to pour into it. LOL!

Don’t make the same bull-headed mistake as I did. Save yourself a whole lot of time and aggravation by tackling a “level-up method” of traffic generation. If you’re paying for ads, pause them until you check this out.

Remember how I told you about Edmund Loh – the fellow marketer who took me under his wing (without charging me) and helped me level up my PLR launches? He just had a casual conversation with me and soon I was making thousands more with a few simple tweaks.

He just launched his Big Traffic Firesale (brand new course) and it comes with either Personal reading rights OR PLR (private label rights).

Hi course? I checked it out – it’s incredible. It covers ALL three levels of traffic and I HOPE when you get it – you pursue the levels in the order I teach above. I’ll tell you about it below but first…

I have to give you a big warning. Edmund’s sales copy is great – as usual. But when I first clicked on it, his video had an extremely LOUD whistle and it scared the socks off me. So I highly caution you to turn your volume down before you click.

I think the theme is “traffic” so it’s like a traffic cop’s whistle or something but I jumped when I heard it. LOL! When you’re ready to see the solution he has for people who need to up their traffic skills, click here:

This is an ENORMOUS 60-Part Traffic course! It covers all three levels I was telling you about:

- SEO (level 1)
- Affiliate Recruitment AND Social - Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr (level 2)
- Google AdWords, Solo Ads, Media Buys, FB Ads, WSOs (level 3)

I went through the course which is only available for 5 days, and then it’s removed completely – and I loved how he has it sectioned off into bite-sized instructions and information.

One of my favorite parts was called “Stractics” inside the AdWords section – it’s a combination of strategy and tactics.

The entire course is a perfect mix of BOTH free and paid traffic tactics. I love this because it allows you to go ahead and implement free traffic methods and slowly and carefully advance to the paid strategies.

He has 3 Built in Bonuses – and by the way – other affiliates sometimes claim they have some exclusive bonus when it’s nothing more than the free bonuses he offers all buyers (I hate that).

So let me tell you what you get as a bonus so you don’t get duped by others:
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint - If you choose the PLR version, you get PLR rights to this, too.
Lead Generation Mastery - If you choose the PLR version, you get PLR rights to this, too.
Online Income Secrets Masterclass – Special 1 hour training for 3 secrets to 7 figures.

I strongly urge you to get the PLR version because what happens when you DO learn and implement this stuff? You can turn around and teach it to others – and you’ll have a readymade course to sell.

If you get the PLR version, it’s on a dimesale, so grab it quickly.

Bonus: I brainstormed some traffic URLs that are available and I put them in the Bonus download area when you buy through my link.

There are 25 available domains – so it’s first come, first served.

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42 Second Affiliate Site Build - with Important Tiff's Tips

Okay this is so awesome - I love Kurt Chrislar's newbie-friendly plugins and this one he's launching today builds affiliate sites in 42 seconds. (He shows it in action here:)

It works with:

Amazon - (I love that Kurt includes a price disclaimer for Amazon!)
Commission Junction

So in Kurt's tutorial on the sales page, he literally shows how he takes a concept (fitness trackers) and sets up a blog with tons of affiliate reviews for that item. I think it's on earlybird sale right now, too!

Tiff's Tips: Now you know me - I love personalization. So here is my advice:
Kurt's plugin allows you to schedule posts, so schedule 1-3 a day for a month at a time.

Go in and add an introduction and conclusion paragraph to each one.

Use PLR to supplement the review content. So if it has the specs on a product like a fitness tracker, add some paragraphs about trackers or fitness or weight loss or health in there!

Make yourself a mind map of products that work for a niche. Anything that complements it. So fitness trackers - everything that people could use to help them with whatever their fitness tracker tracks - steps (shoes, athletic gear, treadmills), sleep (better sleep hygiene items like high thread count sheets, white noise machines), heart rate (heart health products like supplements), and more. That way, when you're ready to log in and add some more posts, you have a nice mix. I would use an Excel spreadsheet to plan it - maybe Mondays - fitness trackers, Tuesdays - Heart supplements, Wednesdays - treadmills, and so on so that it's not all globbed together.

Need some PLR to work with? Pick and ONE pack of any size from my PLRMiniMart on the house when you buy Kurt's plugin through my link. Just send me your receipt and the title of PLR you want and it's yours! (Lifetime Total Membership not included).

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