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Is now a good time to build in Western Australia?

Here's an April 2012 update on the New Homes Market by Dale Alcock.
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Jan Feb 2012 Perth Property Update

Here is the latest market data put out by REIWA giving a first look at Perth Property activity for the Jan/Feb 2012 period.

Sales Activity
Jan 2012 sales are 27% ABOVE Jan 2011
Feb 2012 sales are 28% ABOVE Feb 2011

Not much difference in terms of price movement so more of a balanced market.

Rental Demand
The rental market is still very tight due to factors such as migration and seasonal factors.

Current Median Rental for:
Units $380
Houses $420

Source reiwatv on Youtube
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Dec 2011 Property Market Data from REIWA.
Here are the latest quarterly figures for the WA property market.
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Established in 1972, Adair Settlements is one of Western Australia’s most prominent and well known Settlement businesses.

Since being established, Adair has developed it’s own unique system to provide individual service to every single client.

Why choose Adair for your conveyancing needs?

  • Established in 1972
  • First Class Service
  • Great Advice
  • Your Settlement is our Number 1 Priority

Adair's Services include:

  • Residential Property Settlements
  • Commercial Property Settlements
  • Rural Property Settlements
  • Application for Sub-Divisions
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Application for Lost Titles
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