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☒ Unverified by chewtoy. This is not the real me. Waiting for Apps integration.
☒ Unverified by chewtoy. This is not the real me. Waiting for Apps integration.

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Great discussion around IP law and the creative industries on this weeks guardian tech weekly podcast.

Does Feargal Sharkey give away a little about the Apple Cloud music service?

As usual I have some issues with Feargal Sharkey's position... He seems to say that innovation needs to start from a blank sheet of paper. I doubt that anything created in the last thousand years has started from a truly blank sheet of paper. We build on what has gone before.

Show me a successful song written by someone with no musical influences using instruments they have made and learnt to play themselves and I will eat my hat.

Innovation is about taking what is known and doing it better. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Good artists copy, great artists steal. These phrases need to be at the heart of IP law.

I am going to take the plunge and migrate my activity to my apps account (+Russell Heilling ), even though the migration tool isn't available yet. I have been having a lot of trouble with random logouts while using the multiple account feature of Google. It is getting painful. Much better to just use the one account.

Hopefully I will be able to migrate content across at some point...

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"Your desires are irrelevant. This galaxy once knelt before us, and it shall do so again."

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Damn you swype...

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Q2 2012 for ICS on the SGSII... And it's all down to Touchwiz.

I guess I'll be shifting to cyanogen when there's a stable ICS based build...

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Well thought out whitepaper. This coincides with my thoughts about UEFI: just giving us a switch to disable secure boot is not enough. Let us install our own keys so that we can take advantage of the security no matter what OS we choose to install.
As white papers go, this one's short and easy to read. Going forward into the Secure Boot PC world, I recommend you read it if you ever intend to run Linux on your PC. If you don't, well, it's probably not going to matter unless the principle of Microsoft deciding what OS you can or can't install bothers you.

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I think the length of the sentence sickens me as much as the crime. If this guy was just in posession of the images, then 12 months is perhaps reasonable, as long as it is backed up with a lot of psychological help. But this guy was uploading images and he only gets 12 months?

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As someone who has struggled with depression since my teenage years I can definitely relate to this.

I also recommend reading the archive. I have cried tears of laughter while reading H+1/2 many times in the past.

This blog post really captures the feelings of helplessness caused by depression. Judging by the volume of "me too" comments, lots of people can relate.

I was talking to a friend about depression a few weeks ago, and she talked about her own experience which started when she was living in Serbia during the war. She spent the night time watching bombs falling near her house. The thing is, in that situation, depression can be rationalised as a reasonable reaction to the environment.

However, when depression isn't caused by anything environmental I think it's much harder for the general public (and the victims themselves) to understand. A common reaction is: "You have nothing to be miserable about - case dismissed."
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