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Dennis Cochran
HELLOVATRUCKER. sometimes an act of kindness will be remembered forever. Callous and empty hearted will be forgotten.
HELLOVATRUCKER. sometimes an act of kindness will be remembered forever. Callous and empty hearted will be forgotten.

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I tried to change to become better
She had other plans, I got a two word
Deer John letter, I was no longer her man
Two words she spat out
Like taking a breath of air
Not knowing the secret things I discovered she had hidden
That were never fair
The tangle of lies and cover ups
The self centered ways of her
The conceit and new money she got
Made her empty heart a blur
She became what she said she despised
An empty uncareing person
Complained and pointing her finger at others
And daily it would worsen
But the advice she got from someone
That I never found out who
Would change her into a hollow spirit
That cared nothing of me, anyone or you
Karma will catch her one of these days
And it will hurt quite badly
And she will whisper my name in the dark
And miss the love I gave her madly.
Have a nice life....

Gearing up my mind and my spirit to submit substantial changes towards a compassionate cause. We WILL succeed, and those who have absorbed what they thought was my compassion and generosity can fall into that pit of non existence and become as if a leftover from a dinner plate into the desposal.

Knowing the value of someone else's hard work, yet acknowledging very little appreciation or care or kindness in the results of that work is just complete and utter stupidity and apathy.

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Just found Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson on #SoundHound for Android.

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Me and the guys back then in iraq

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Well this is the rainbow that gave me good luck. !!!!! I got my galaxy4s yay now DONE WITH APPLE 

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Wow, beautiful defined rainbow in Georgia mountains. Nature's gift.

I kinda hope he makes it to safety.
But the BIG QUESTION IS, what exactly does he know that makes the US want to catch him and silence him before he REALLY lets the cat out of the bag? I believe he has some stuff on people and they want him, bad enough to kill him. Or lock him in a
"Lock box".

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And we worry about politics????
I believe this may be what we should ALL worry about as human beings!
Watch Chasing Ice &  see stunning, shocking #climatechange signals the glaciers are sending us

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Wow, amazing! This is educational as well as fascinating! 
Saturn's Hexagon on June 14, 2013 - I saw these individual frames on the raw images queue tonight, so I made this GIF animation.  They are from the CB2, CL2 filters. Credit images to NASA's Cassini Mission.
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