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Overcome obstacles through persistence.
Overcome obstacles through persistence.

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I have no new thoughts to offer.

Thoughts are things.

We have work to do on behalf of America's children.
From (Workhorse) to (Potential) Lead Coordinator |


1) He or She will be "bright" in your mind. When you "meet" them you will completely lose your ego and want to do nothing other than to "serve" them by supporting their emotional, physical and mental development.

2) In response to your presence, they will feel the pressure to respond, to do their best and be their best.

3) They will defend you against all other people. In their mind, you will be "bright". The language which flows out of their mouths about you will affirm you and them.

4) The only "abuse" that occurs is the learning curve if each other's personality. As soon as he or she learns that he or she has hurt you they will feel immense pain themselves and "change up" - immediately.

5) Three words will end 98% of the conversations, despite any and all emotions, "I love you."

6) Others will say you two "look" alike.

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You have to be military to understand how we physically feel. I am carrying 20 pounds on my back. Hari Dev is pushing a stroller carrying 70 pounds.

We started out doing "night" walks at 76-79 degrees. We switched to "day" walks because of safety and food. Temperatures during the day are 86-92 degrees.

I walk and then write blog posts, market on social media in and attempt to make it easy for supporters to access the material we are posting. Which means inboxing people individually. I recognize that many, many people are supportive, b.u.t. They have lives themselves and cannot respond within the same day of posting.

We need media and networks to kick in and help us spread the word of what we are doing. We need teachers like Lynn and Mary Richards to like us on Twitter and help get the word out to teacher networks.

I know what I heard. The prophet sang, "Never let JAH JAH Children cry 'cause you got to tell JAH JAH why!" I am criticized for envisioning America being able to marshall the will and feed ALL of its children, not just the rich ones. I was told that in visioning such, I was attempting to reclaim the spiritual high of the Million Man March. (That lie hurt!) I was told that I needed to lower my expectations and concentrate on 31 children or 3100 children. That I am not responsible for 31 million children being fed.

There is no mystery god. If we do not choose to physically answer their prayers, WHO is? The insensitive Jerry Prevos of the world.

Again, I was given my orders. I have to answer JAH regardless to whom or what. I've got 1000 miles to go. If that means I crawl there . . . I know what I heard.

"Nah wan' I fi golang so / Nah wan' I fi golang so / But yah caant come cold I up / Seh yah caant come cold I up!" - BMW

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SEPTEMBER IS HUNGER ACTION MONTH - Here is what you can do to help By2015:AMERICA (on-line)

1) Repost a Blog that we publish on Facebook, twitter or google plus.

2) Make a donation to our indiegogo campaign.

3) Inspire a poet to contact the Lead Coordinator. I am looking for socially conscious and locally active poets to work on an awareness campaign following The Walk for America's Children.
Email me at


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The practice run began on September 17, 2013 with the Lead Coordinator weighing 260 pounds. Walked 70 miles during the "practice." We have started the actual Walk of America's Children. Scale don't lie.

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Today we have reached this place. We look forward to completing 14 miles to Lantana, Florida.
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