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Lesser spotted bleary eyed late night code monkey
Lesser spotted bleary eyed late night code monkey

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I would clone Db and work off a copy, upgrade textpattern to bring the Db up to current structure then use sqlpro to marry up the data by compare old to new.
Hey Stef ( or any SQL ninja out there)

I am going through a major update to my textpattern sites and want to import only the relevant parts of the old site into the new textpattern table. I want to import the "news" section. Is there an instructional out there somewhere?
The structure of the textpattern table has changed in regards to the custom fields so the SQL would (I imagine) have to be based on calling both the custom field Name and the Section "News" rows. Anybody done this already?
Will welcome other solutions as well.
Thanks in advance

+Stef Dawson +Phil Wareham So I don't know if this old news and I've missed something but I got spurred on by a post requesting a theme that was available but goes to junk site which seems to be in place of what used to be Textgarden.

So I went and checked out the link in the Textpattern site. What the heck???

This makes me sad! Texpattern is an awesome system that I am passionate about. It deserves a coherent, trustworthy, professional shop window. Currently we fall short.

Therefore I am stepping up to the plate and offering my services. I would LOVE to redesign/redevelop the main Textpattern site, and the plugin and theme repositories.

Just say the word and I will be on it in flash :) 


Ok Community listen up :)

I've recently been taking a long hard look at my current work flow for building websites and refining what I do. I'm planning to write this up as an in-depth article on blog.

I have a passion for Textpattern, it was the first CMS I got along with. It's an awesome system and I have a workflow hammered down over the course of single handedly building dozens of sites powered by Textpattern. That's not to say I have all the answers though!

Therefore, dear community, I'm inviting people to volunteer to guest post on my blog about their workflow in the hope that it helps new comers get off the ground with Textpattern.

So - +Stef Dawson +Jonathan Stubbs +Phil Wareham +Andy Carter  or anyone else... if you can commit to writing a reasonably detailed article I would gladly publish it on my blog with full attribution to you. There are no prizes or rewards for this other then giving others the gift of knowledge.

I'm looking for an overview of the following

1. Do you build with a framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Midas(Shameless plug!!))

2. Grunt or Gulp?

3. Server Setup (Vagrant, MAMP, WAMP..)

4. How do you build out your Textpattern template?

5. How do you go about pushing it to a live server?

6. Which plugins do you use in Textpattern and why?

7. Anything relevant to the above I've missed out.
The challenge has been laid down. My blog does not use any WYSIWYG shinnanigans so I'm looking for submissions in Textile format :) 

Comment on this and express your wish to volunteer and we can go from there. Thanks.


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So, on christmas day no less, I launched a new design of my own site, and some of guys where kind enough to make some constructive comments. I've implemented these now soooo i get to show it off again


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Hello all. I'm having some trouble with a couple of gulp tasks. i've tried everything and followed the documentation but nothing seems to work. Hoping someone can help.

What i'm trying to do is have sass minification happen, then rsync the result to a local vagrant folder (NOT a remote server), then reload browser sync.

The problem i am having is that I'm fighting the fact that gulp wants to run all the tasks together. I need them to happen one after the other. All the tasks work on their own, i am just having trouble making them run sequentially. I've tried callbacks and playing with dependency but i'm obviously missing something.

My setup is complicated, all my tasks are in separate js files but i've tried to combine what i have into this github gist so people can help.

Many thanks for any advice...

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Update: Midas gets some improvements.
Update: Improved file watching, Midas now watches for newly added images not just changed ones and also notifications now only run on task end, not for every event in a stream because that was annoying.


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Update: Improved file watching, Midas now watches for newly added images not just changed ones and also notifications now only run on task end, not for every event in a stream because that was annoying.


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My website gets a makeover :) Community feedback welcome


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Another update to the Midas front-end framework including support for using development environments like Vagrant or Mamp with browsersync. Just run 'gulp vm' task.


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Hello everyone. If you've been keeping an eye on my Midas Front-end Framework you'll be pleased to know that this morning the Gulp config got a total rewrite.

The tasks are now modular and can be configured in one place. In addition, you can now easily modify the input / output paths from one place using a couple of variables :)

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