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Jenn Wells
SAHM of 3, Quilter and Sub Teacher
SAHM of 3, Quilter and Sub Teacher

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Lose the Junk
I have been working hard the last few weeks to complete a Clean House Challenge that I was working on in the Spring. This week I tackled just a couple of spots in my kitchen. I have people help with dishes and sometimes that is not so wise. I forgot to take...

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Treat Yourself
Treating myself, sometimes that is truly unheard of. I don't get out much and its tough to have time that isn't involved in an obligation, kiddos or my husband.  The other day my friend and I went with her little boy and got Mexican Food. I hadn't been out ...

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Spread some Joy
One of my favorite things to do is MOPS. I love being in the nursery and having all the babies for a few hours while young moms spend time with one another doing crafts, fellowship and learning.  It is such a rewarding program. I can remember the days of be...

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Summer Eats
This summer we had such a successful garden, minus our squash. I am not sure what really happened with those. They just seemed to always start in the middle of so much rain we were having. Now peppers we did really well with. We had so many pounds we were g...

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Relax with a Great Book
I read two books this summer. One with my daughter which I actually really enjoyed called Poison Wood Bible. It was for an English assignment - summer reading so I can't really say I was relaxing with a great book but I love that I have the time to spend wi...

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Let's Get Crafty
I love Pinterest Ideas Sometimes I have good intentions and not enough time. Sometimes I try something new because a customer requests something special That is the case with these pillows. My customer wanted to save a robe that her mom had worn. I used som...

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My Favorite Thing
Deciding on a favorite item was very difficult, it really depends on if I am cooking, cleaning, helping with kids, doing something for myself or quilting. Since I seem to really quilt a lot  these days I chose a quilting item.  Fiskars Donna Dewberry Collec...

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HomeTown Tourist for Magnolia Texas
I was raised in California, but upon meeting my husband 21 years ago, nearly 22, we moved to his Home state of Texas. We have lived in several cities around the Houston area but have had our home here in Magnolia, Texas for nearly 10 years. I love all its h...

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Memory Quilt for a friend quilt 2
I wrote earlier about a quilt I made for a friend whose mother had passed recently. She mentioned that her and her siblings would share the quilt I had made. There is plenty of clothing to make more quilts so I am making some smaller ones. This one is exact...

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Son's quilt for local customer
This is a second order from a customer with a beach quilt. I had to wait on this order because I didn't have enough shirts. Somehow she was short 3. During the waiting process she decided she also wanted a quilt for another son, a queen size with items from...
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