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Key Facts Advice for Whiplash Claims
Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are a common occurrence, they happen every day on main roads, motorways and even back roads and side streets; the department of transport reported that in the year ending June 2013, there were 185,540 reported road casualties.
Personal injuries are unfortunately also a common occurrence of road accidents, but can sometimes take time after an incident to manifest, due to the adrenaline released at the time of the accident, as your body responds to the danger.
One of the most common personal injury claims are whiplash claims. A whiplash sprain occurs when your body is suddenly jolted back and forth in a whip-like movement, this can cause some muscles and ligaments to stretch more than normal.
What are the common symptoms of whiplash?
Stiffness and muscle pain beings to develop a few hours after the incident, normally after a night’s rest when the body has relaxed completely. Stiffness and muscle pain can develop in:
The neck
Shoulders and/or down the arms
Upper and/or lower part of the back
Headaches may frequently occur.
Turning or bending may be difficult.
Tiredness and irritability.
Difficulty concentrating.
It is important to visit your doctor as they can check that there are no signs of damage to your spinal cord, if this is suspected, further tests may be needed. Your doctor will be able to diagnose a whiplash injury by examining you and from your description of the incident.
Here are some tips for dealing with whiplash injuries:
Paracetamol and anti-inflammatory painkillers can help to control the pain and may be recommended by your doctor.
Gently exercise your neck as soon as you are able, every few hours move the neck in each direction, as far as possible, trying to increase the range of neck movement.
Check that your sitting position in work or at the computer is not poor. Do not sit with your head bent forward, with a stooped back; sit with an upright posture.
If symptoms do not begin to settle after a week or so, you may be referred to a physiotherapist to help with pain relief and for advice on specific exercises.
Contact a reputable Personal Injury Solicitor, such as KLS Law.
How can a personal injury claim help you?
Personal injuries are a serious matter and depending on the severity of the injury involved, whiplash injuries can take anything from a few weeks to a number of years to recover from. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, you are entitled to make a road accident claim for compensation.
Personal injuries involve a wide array of ramifications such as:
Loss of earnings
Reduced income
Medical expenses
Pain and Suffering
Debilitation of quality of life
The KLS Law road accident claims solicitors are specialist personal injury solicitors who understand that compensation is only one aspect of the story, they will ensure that you receive the compensation, support, medical care and rehabilitation you deserve.
To speak to our personal injury solicitors, and discuss whiplash claims with no obligation and in confidentiality, call 0800 015 1470 or email
One of our injury claims solicitors will be happy to help.
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