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Rachael King
a control freak whose relocated with my husband to Bolzano, Italy
a control freak whose relocated with my husband to Bolzano, Italy

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Yes another ski field, that's what my life is like at the moment, isn't that awesome? We are going to a different ski field each weekend! Here I am, the knight of carezza (I think this is actually supposed to be the king that discovered this area??). So Car...

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Ski Field Review - Plose
So this past Sunday afternoon Joe and I went skiing with our friend Daniella-how awesome is it that we live somewhere that we can sleep in on a Sunday morning and decide to ski for the afternoon?  We went to Plose you can check it out at Where...

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Ski field review - Reinswald
Ok, this is the first blog post I'm composing on my tablet,  so sorry if there are typos or things look a little messy... Joe and I went skiing with our friend Luigi on 11 Jan at Reinswald. It was awesome! Where is it? Just under an hour north of Bolzano by...

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Ski Field Review - Obereggen
Joe and I had our first day skiing of the season on Sunday at Obereggen. I thought I would do a quick review of all the ski fields we ski at to 1) help us keep track and 2) be a useful resource to anyone thinking of skiing in these parts. So Obereggen. Wher...

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The Dogs in Italy
"So which way do you think we go Moose?" "I don't know Ruby, you have the map" I am much to close to the water for my liking Insert inspirational quote of choosing here BFFs I'm coming! Um, I think I might be lost zooooommmmmm "so Ruby did you know the monu...

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A weekend in.... Prague!
So early in December Joe and I headed to Prague. Joe wanted to see Black Sabbath and as our Wedding Anniversary is at an awkward time just before Christmas when all of our dog sitters are out of town we decided this was a nice opportunity to celebrate a lit...

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A weekend in...the Cinque Terre
OK so we didn't choose to go to just the Cinque Terre for a weekend, we were already travelling around Italy but we DID only spend a weekend there. From Bolzano it wouldn't really be possible for us to go to just the Cinque Terre for the weekend as there wo...

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The Kings do Italy
In October my family came to Italy for an epic ten day adventure. We started in Bolzano Here we are on a bridge We went to a castle in Trento, it looked like this Jonathon developed the magic ability to be in two places at once The castles had great views, ...

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Hilarious sugar puns
I just had to share these photos of these hilarious packs of sugar that were at our apartment jn the Cinque Terre (more on that soon I promise). Funny,  no?

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Los Angeles and Hawaii
So at the beginning of October we headed to LA to spend a few days with Joe's parents. We've both been to LA before but it was great to spend a few days kicking around the city, the weather was great which was a nice change from Munich which was getting dec...
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