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My family calls me the "keeper of the flame".  Somewhere in time, an ancestor must have planted the insatiable curiosity gene within me.  The remainder of my family has Attention Deficit Order when it comes to genealogy.  And yet, they're still fascinated about their ancestry after one of my "scratch and sniff projects" has revealed an important piece of data.  As long as I keep it brief!

Tombstones and Treehouses tells the story of ancestors whose lives call out to be heard.  It combines all of my passions into one neat package: visiting cemeteries, photography, documentation and assistance in preservation of abandoned cemeteries, along with the continued search for the "who, what, where, and when" of my personal family tree.  Please join me in tracing the history of our nation, and - perhaps - the reason your ancestors' lives were affected in much the same way as mine.
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