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Stephen, I can’t remember what RX/supplements to hold or continue during radiation and/or TMZ?
Can you help?

*Oct 2013 husband diagnosed GBM#4, left frontal lobe, total resection, no seizures.
*Total 6 wks SOC, TMZ & Radiation. Drug cocktails below.
*Dec 2013- Oct 2015 Optune Trial/TMZ. Stopped Optune due to skin issues.
*Jan 2015, NO thought recurrence so changed him to CCNU cuz TMZ “failed him”. The CCNU was brutal on him so he stopped it July 2015.
*I did not agree it was recurrence as looked like necrosis to me. I was upset off TMZ since Methylated. June 2015 took him to UCSF/Berger. He agreed didn’t think recurrence either so we decided to ”watch and wait”. Since “supposed” recurrence never materialized, he stopped all treatments July 2015 except Drug Cocktails.

*Jan 2018, GBM recurrence a little forward of original tumor (not area they watched b4). Had full resection.
*Since still methylated, and was treatment free since July 2015, decided to try TMZ for 12 mos and Cyberknife radiation for 5 days.

Tumor is: IDH-1 R132H wildtype. ATRX retained, Mib 10%, MGMT Methylated. Will have gene test results soon.

Hubby is 76.5 yrs old, has some cognitive/motivation issues from 2013 treatment but physically adept.
Due to his age, I am light on the cocktails:
A) Chemo: TMZ, 300mg 5/23
1) Divalproex Sodium (Valproex Acid) 250 mg DR x 2 daily
2) Sulfamethox-TMP DS 800 – 160 MG TAB 3 days a wk
3) Celecoxib 200 mg x 2
4) Cimetidine, 200 mg x 2
5) Maitake D fraction Pro 4x, 100 mg x 6
6) Coriolus – PSP, 400 mg x 6
7) LEF European Milk Thistle: 240 Silymarin, 90mg Silybin, 24 mg Isosilybin A & B, phospholipids x 2
8) D3-5,000 IU 1 pill x 1
9) BroccoMax Broccoli seed extract (sulforaphane Gluc), 30 mg x 1
10) pTeroPure (Pterostilbene) 50 mg x 1
11) Mega Lycopene, 15 mg x 1
12) Melatonin, 20 mg x 1
13) Longvida curcumin, 1000 mg x 1
14) Multi-vitamin (not sure if I should give him??)
15) Pro Omega, 1175 mg x 1
16) Berberine, 500 mg x 1
17) Probiotic x 1
18) Decaf Mega Green Tea Extract, 725 mg x 2
19) LEF Ultra Soy Extract, genistein not taking right now
20) Boswellia, not taking currently

Thank you and Blessings to you all!
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Stephen, Can you add a source under Cannabis:
The gal who runs it, Diana,  lost her mother to GBM so it is near & dear to her heart.   Her oil is organic and made the same as Zelda's but a little less expensive.  She is in Southern Calif while Zelda is in Northern Calif.
 Due to the cost, I may switch from Zelda to her. 866-563-3377

Thanks, Candy 
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