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Always trying to be on an upward trend...
Always trying to be on an upward trend...
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Eldritch Horror did not go well last night.

Yes, that is 11 gates on the board and doom at 4.

Yes, yes, it is.

(Hastur was the Ancient One for the record.) 

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I don't normally reshare this sort of thing but, The Oatmeal has something brilliant and important to say.

Please read and consider... 

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This is a question for everyone out there who bicycles or knows someone who does who might be able to help.

There's an organization in Missoula, Montana, the Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation, that runs a community bike shop -- you can get parts there, learn how to repair your bike, find the tools you need, etc.

They also have a program where if you go in and learn how to maintain a bike and do all the work yourself, you can build your own bike (from the parts they have) for free. All you owe them is sweat equity.

Is there anything even remotely like that in the Washington, DC, region -- DC or Maryland preferred, but even in Virginia might be worth it.

It's possible that Missoula is exceptionally cool in this regard (as it is in about a million others, including that there's a river through the city that's so clean you can fly fish in it). But it's also possible that this is a concept that exists in other places.

Thanks so much for any help you can give! 

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Live Webcast of Oral Arguments in the Freddie Gray-related Cases

The Court of Appeals of Maryland (the state's supreme court) will be hearing oral arguments on appeals in cases related to the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore last summer. The webcast will begin at 10:00am. (There will be two unrelated cases before the Freddie Gray cases begin, but those are not expected to take long. Probably less than an hour.) 

The main issue on appeal is whether Officer Porter, who had a mistrial last fall on charges on his alleged role in the death of Freddie Gray, can be compelled to testify in the trials of the other five officers. (There are other more technical issues as well.)

The webcast is available for the public at the link below. 

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For the Labor Day holiday (US), +Patrick Rabe​​ and I played Defenders of the Realm with a friend in another state via Skype. He has the board set up at his end as well, so it mirrors the board at our end. It works out really well.

We were positive we were going to lose almost until the end, but managed a victory over the forces of evil despite some terrible rolls early on.

That victory was followed by an equally unexpected win at Legendary, the Fantastic Four (and the Silver Surfer) vs. Galactus. I forgot to get a picture of that one.

It was a very enjoyable day of gaming. :-D

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Today's run was not-awesome. I'm not sure it was even a run -- I mostly walked, though I did walk pretty fast. I ran a bit and it just didn't feel quite right, though I can't put my finger on how. So I walked as fast as I could. Somewhere along the way, my hip started hurting a bit, and that slowed me down a bit as well. 

I'm not sure exactly what's up with my running getting so poor -- maybe because I've been doing other things. I don't know.

I'm going to be starting some strength training on Monday (and preparing for that on Saturday). We'll be doing that two days a week and cardio (running for me) on Saturdays. After a few weeks of that rhythm, I might see about sliding in another run on Sunday mornings, maybe. I'm not committing to that, though. 

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An awesome run this evening!! Not a best-best, but the best I've done in weeks, which is totally cool. And I did something like an interval workout, without really thinking about it -- for the last five minutes of running I alternated a minute of "as fast as I can go for a whole minute" with a minute of walking at "the fastest speed I could maintain comfortably for a while". (Translation: 5.7 mph running alternated with 3.7 mph walking.) I did that for five minutes (run, walk, run, walk, run) at the very end of my running time. 

That was really cool! I think I could go faster for less than a minute, so I'm really looking forward to trying that again. (And it would be a lot easier if I knew how to program the interval mode on the treadmill -- I'll need to get one of the folks there to show me.) 

Muy cool! 

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I think I've possibly been over-pushing myself recently -- and at the same time sort of cheating. I've been walking as much or more, but walking faster (uncomfortably so) to try and make a better distance. Even during my warm up and cool down times I was walking uncomfortably fast to make distance. 

So today I just took it easy. Ran at an easy pace, walked when I needed to at a comfortable pace, ran more. It was very very nice. 

Oddly, it makes me feel good that I actually have an easy running pace now. I don't have a "conversational" pace but I do now have a pace that's pretty easy and comfortable. I think I want to run at that easy pace for a while -- work on how long I can run for rather than how fast I'm going.

I also want to get into some sort of a pattern or rhythm with strength training. I just want to make sure it's as good a workout as hitting the treadmill. 

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+Patrick Rabe​  and I went to the gym today. We did cardio today, no weights. It was desperately needed -- we basically didn't move on Saturday and Sunday and my body was utterly craving a good workout today. 

The run felt good, but wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. I'm still not entirely sure what's up with that. But I guess as long as I'm getting up and moving and kicking up a good sweat (we were soaked!), I'm doing okay. 

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My legs have been pooped and almost weak feeling for the last week or so. I'm honestly not sure what's up with it -- nothing feels bad, per se, they just feel pooped. 

Which makes it hard to knock out an awesome run, though I have been running on my usual schedule. I've just been too busy to post.
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