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Fabian De Simone
Consultor de Marketing Online y Emprendedor
Consultor de Marketing Online y Emprendedor

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The Definitive List of HDR Photographers on Google+ - Update 1.7!

Find the updated list at [ ] - now hosted at [ ].

The rate at which the HDR@G+ list is growing isn't slowing down a bit. Another 75 new faces have entered the list since the last update. It now contains 1138 HDR Photographers on Google+.

If you are on G+ and into HDR photography? You have to be on this list! Register today!

How to Register?
1. Share this post! (promote the list and promote yourself )
2. Add a comment to this post! (introduce yourself)
3. +1 this post! (make it more popular to make yourself more popular )

I will collect all the people that have added a comment and add them with the next update. I will also share a circle with the new people regularly.

So don't miss out, get in!

#hdr #photogs #list #farbspiel

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We need more wisdom in the world like this.

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Are you kidding me!? When he removed the battery cover, I was sold!

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Are you a man living with PMS? Got Milk's new ad campaign

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Too funny!

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"there are so much more to Google+. we will keep knowing until  we start seeing  Facebook as a feature of Social Networking"

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