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New episode with some fun at the end!
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Podcast coming soon sorry for the wait!
I will be podcasting nearer the end or beginning of the month. I recorded something the other night but my little toddler got ahold of it and somehow deleted it! My next recording should be soon but until then I will distract...
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Episode 3 is up! I have a lot of FOs to show and at the end some of the new goodies in my shop.
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I am currently working on getting tim to record the podcast for this month. It is really jammed full of stuff his time. In the meantime enjoy a NEW free pattern on me. This is a recipe pattern for a turtle necked vest, knit i...
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After a long Hiatus I have come back!
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Small update including the little ones!
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Some random finished objects!
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I own a yarn business on a rural farm!
I am the owner of a yarn business on a rural farm. I enjoy crafting and sharing my knowledge through my podcast!
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