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Trust the Universe.
Trust the Universe.

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Some pretty incredible technology coming our way!

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Why Developers are More Productive When They Are NOT Programming.
Executive Summary: Having your development team involved in strategy sessions, requirements gathering activities, operations shadowing, and the incorporation of design and code reviews, will help greatly reduce defects, reduce total project
costs, a...

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Agile Portfolio & Program Management - Part III: Ultimate Agility
Executive Summary: Using a Kanban board for Portfolio and Program Management processes can not only provide visibility into your processes, but also  provide a path to measure and continuously improving your overall agility. This is the last of a three part...

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Agile Portfolio & Program Management – Part II: Governance
Executive Summary: Capturing great ideas, obtaining consensus on their definition, objectives, budgets and schedule can be a complex and daunting process  within any organization  . Using a Kanban board, the Portfolio and Program Management ideation process...

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Agile Ideation for Portfolio & Program Management – Part I
Using a simple Kanban board to manage portfolio and program ideation can help guide stakeholders through the process, provide approval visibility, and most importantly, prevent the loss of some really great ideas.

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The 3 most important questions to ask your product stakeholders when beginning a project.
Asking your stakeholders the right questions early on in product development is critical to focusing discussions, encouraging product innovation, and ensuring product success.  With the new year here, I thought it would be a good time to
discuss ways to get...

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Agile Release Planning - Aligning With Executive Management
Exec. Summary: For longer term
projects, incorporating epics and features on a quarterly planning Kanban board,
will not only help with release planning, but is a great way to align both program and product management with executive management on releases, ...

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Great product for remote management, highly recommended.
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