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Steve Humphrey
Retired- worked in water and wastewater last 20 years, before that electrical lineman, former Marine vet.
Retired- worked in water and wastewater last 20 years, before that electrical lineman, former Marine vet.

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Needed new kicks. Real comfy. 

Got G-A-S?
One Liner Jokes
Submitted by catlover
What ten-letter word starts with G-A-S?


Dog Plants
Teacher Jokes
Submitted by HENNE
A teacher was telling her class about plant names that have the word "dog" in them, such as dog-rose, dogwood, dog violet.

She asked the class if they could name another flower with the preface "dog".

Steven raised his hand and said, "Sure Miss Jones. How about a 'collie' flower?

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Nuggie says, I'm much better looking than that Caruso dog is rofl.

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My wife when we were in Fort Morgan area for a week. she went to the beach an awful lot. It was a beautiful place to be.

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need a laugh? well check out this link and I think you will find a few cartoons to remedy that need.

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Shared from jokes and quotes

Speedy Delivery!
Misc Jokes
Submitted by wadejagz
It was 6 p.m., and I was about to leave the coin laundry where I was employed. My boss called me over and asked if I would mind dropping off someone's laundry on my way home. "It's for my cousin," she said, "who is eight months pregnant and can't get out much anymore."

I cheerfully agreed and, driving to the address, knocked at the door. A little girl, the sister-to-be, answered.

"Hi, there," I said with a big smile. "Is your mommy home?" Holding up the white bundle of clothes, I explained, "I have a delivery for her."

The child's mouth dropped, and her eyes went wide. "Mom!" she shrieked, "come quick! It's the stork!"

Little Workers
School Jokes
Submitted by wadejagz
The teacher was giving her class of seven-year-olds a nature history lesson.

"Worker ants," she told them, "can carry pieces of food five times their own weight. What do you conclude from that?"

One child was ready with the answer, "They don't have a union?"
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