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Dear all.

Yesterday I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (T-Mobile Germany) to LiquidSmooth v2.37. Everything works fine, except the sound. Even on the highest volume level, it is so quite that I need to hold my ear directly to the speaker to recognize that sound is "on". With headset attached it is slightly better, but still much to quite.

I went through all settings, but had no luck. Couldn´t even find anything helpful on Google, LiquidSmooth forum and others.

Any ideas how to fix that issue? Would like to stay with LiquidSmooth but without sound this doesn´t make sense.

Thank you for your help.

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For users of MS Visio:

Have you scanned a large network with NMAP and were in the situation to draw your scan result into a Visio diagram?

Today I found this little useful addon with which you can import NMAP scan results into Visio for automatic creation of a network diagram.

Hey Guys.

I´m currently searching  for a good tool to automatically create network maps during Reconnaissance-Phase.

So far I just know LANmap2, but are there other suitable tools?
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