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LG 32LC46 32LC46-2C TV Service Menu
LCD TV SERVICE MENU MODE CHASSIS TYPE : LD73A MODEL :  LG 32LC4D 32LC4d-za LG 32LC45 32LC45-2A Use software and PC to enter service mode ➤ ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTION LG 32LC46 32LC46-2C TV Service Menu Application Range This spec, sheet is applied to all of the...

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LG 32LC41/4R TV Service Menu
LCD TV SERVICE MENU MODE CHASSIS TYPE : LP78A MODEL :  LG 32LC42 32LC42-ZC LG 32LC43 32LC43-ZA/ZE LG 32LC44 32LC43-ZB LG 32LC41/4R   ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTION is applied all of the 26/32/37/42" LCD TV(LP78A Chassis) by manufacturing LG TV Plant all over the wo...

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POLAROID TLA-04011C TV Service Menu
POLAROID TLA-04011C POLAROID TLXB-4011 POLAROID TLXB-4241 Turn on the television and press V+ / V- buttons on the TV set simultaneously and release  the button. Use program up or program down button to select parameter and use volume button to increase or d...

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Kode remote joker untuk receiver semua merek
Kode remote joker untuk receiver dan cara memasukkan kode pada remote universal merek Joker 99+ . Add caption Daftar kode remote universal untuk  receiver

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Westinghouse LTV-27w7 HD TV Service Menu
Westinghouse Model No :  Westinghouse LTV-27w7 HD Westinghouse LTV-32w6 HD Westinghouse LTV-37w2 HD On-Screen Display Menu (OSD): All the functions can be adjusted either by the remote control or using the control keys on the right side of LCD TV. To displa...

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LG 32LC2DC TV Service Menu
LG 32LC2DC LCD TV Service Menu mode Chassis type : LA51D This service code can be used to : LG 32LC2D(U), LG 37LC2D, LG 42LC2D CAUTION : Before servicing the chassis or enter the Service mode, Read the safety precautions in service manual. Circuit Board Foi...

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JVC LT-26WX84/SJ TV Service Menu
This service code can be used to :  JVC LT-32WX84 /HA and JVC LT-32WX84 /K  JVC LT-26WX84/SJ ADJUSTMENT PREPARATION # You can make the necessary adjustments for this unit with either the Remote Control Unit or with the adjustment tools and parts as given be...

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JVC LT-26WX84 TV Service Menu
JVC LT-26WX84 ADJUSTMENT PREPARATION There are 2 ways of adjusting this TV : One is with the REMOTE CONTROL UNIT and the other is the conventional method using adjustment parts and components. The adjustment using the REMOTE CONTROL UNIT is made on the basi...

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JVC TV Service Mode List
JVC LT-26C31BUE TV Service Menu JVC LT-26C31SJE TV Service Menu JVC LT-26C31SUE TV Service Menu JVC LT-32C31BJE TV Service Menu JVC LT-32C31BUE TV Service Menu JVC LT-32C31SJE TV Service Menu JVC LT-32C31SUE TV Service Menu JVC LT-Z32S2 TV Service Menu JVC ...

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JVC LT-Z26S2 TV Service Menu
This service menu code can be used to : JVC LT-Z26S2/A and JVC LT-Z26S2/S Setting of JVC LT-Z26S2 VSM PRESET (1) Enter "5.VSM PRESET" from the SERVICE MENU. (2) Press the [OK] key to select BRIGHT/STD/SOFT/COOL/NORMAL/WARM mode. (3) Select the setting item ...
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