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David Werden
Christian, Father, Michigan Man, and Computer Nerd
Christian, Father, Michigan Man, and Computer Nerd

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Python and Firefox bookmarks on Windows
I'm working today on the creating a python program to reorganize my Firefox bookmarks. My previous post was about the PowerShell code I created to do this and since I haven't touched Python in a little bit, I figured what better way to relearn python than t...

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Powersell to organize FireFox bookmarks
FireFox bookmarks are stored in the user's profile directory, in a sqlite database name "places.sqlite". As I keep working more on different things to do with PowerShell, I was at first annoyed that the scripts I had already written for simple file maintena...

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Outlook Folders and Powerhsell
I spend a LOT of time drafting procedures and monitoring penetration tests for my employer. This means I don't get a lot of time, even at home, for being a nerd and breaking things. I have been able to spend a bit more time in PowerShell. For some reason, I...

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Some Antenna Measurements
I have been so swamped with work and family things...and some revisiting of old hobbies such as electronics and HAM Radio. So this post has really nothing to do with security, at the moment. I have been playing with some SDR's and researching some technique...

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Windows 10 Update - Flickering pain
So I decided it would be a great idea to upgrade on my home machines to Windows 10. I had already updated my laptop and had had NO issues with it. Not so smoothly with my desktop. What ended up happening was that as soon as I logged in, the screen would sta...

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Moving on in life, career
I had really thought that I would already be in bed sound asleep tonight after a busy day. Unfortunately, it is the 3rd of July, which comes directly after the 2nd of July, and directly before the 4th of July, which I am certain any 2nd grader could have to...

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A long but fun and interesting week. #SAEBattelleCyberAutoChallenge


I used to think that using my temper when people did me wrong was the best solution...I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good bout of righteous anger directed at some whiney, gossipy, high-school wuss!!! BUT, and I think it's a real sign that I am almost fully assimilated into Web 2.0 life, I know thoroughly enjoy just 'unfriending' these slugs!

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Well, we can all go home now. Unless this means nothing to you, in which case you're stuck in purgatory. 
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