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Keeping the lines of communication open is a critical factor in avoiding low school morale. It's often difficult to stay positive when paperwork and administrative tasks begin to pile up, distracting from the wonderful experience of working with students. Kevin Scott shares how addressing issues quickly is a big part of leading and can help to build and sustain a positive school setting.
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Facebook Brings Down The Hammer Again: Cuts Off MessageMe’s Access To Its Social Graph
Are we all RoboCops in the future?
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Researchers Show They Can Track You By Your Cellphone Data
1 Video: You Know Coding Is Cool Because Zuckerberg, Gates, And Chris Bosh Say So
Open Compute Project: Can Facebook Help Save The World?
Walter Lewin, professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sheds light on everyday phenomena such as rainbows and what makes the sky blue. Watch Lewin create a rainbow right in the lecture hall and other exciting demonstrations in this engaging and creative discussion of physics that sheds what lies beneath the everyday wonders of our world.
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Cat Naps

Cats napping. Do not disturb!

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Facebook Brings Down The Hammer Again: Cuts Off MessageMe’s Access To It...

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