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Access 2 School

In recent years, Access 2 School has moved away from being viewed as a school administration tool and developed into an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for managing school business processes and whole school improvement. It supports schools in responding to The Children's Plan by enabling them to view a more rounded picture of a child; SIMS has achieved this by moving away from a modular approach.

Summary of Access 2 School functions

Helps schools manage student registration and absenteeism, student performance, personalized learning, exam organization, timetable construction, cover management and a range of other school activities
Maintains real-time information to support schools in conducting regular and comprehensive self-evaluations, target resources, support personal development, promote achievements and share good practice
Enables teachers to access information, analyze and input apprentice data through the use of integrated desktop tools
Provides web access through the Access 2 School Learning Gateway, which allows teachers and parents to access the data in SIMS from home



Displays latest information on dashboard. For instance total students, Students/Teacher/Stuff attendance summary, calendar, timetable and many more.
Icon driven dashboard
Easy 'Search bar' enables anyone to use SIMS.
Access 2 School is designed as user friendly interface so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can opt in it instantly with minimum training for a great user experience.


Customization ‘form’ by the user.
Class courses management.
View applicants by different filtering options.
Applicant’s status view like pending, eligible.
Accept or discard options of the
Print facility for “completed registration form”.
Class/Group based registration.


Unique ID for all students.
Multiple guardian addition facility.
Emergency contact facility available.
Previous education details can be extracted.
Customization as per school standards.
Photos upload facility.


Search options on student data bases.
Large database filtering facility
Student profile management.

Timetable (Calendar & Event)

Planner assistance for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.timetable
Drag and drop system.
Class time schedule management.
Exam schedule management.
Alerts system on class and schedule.
Separate color for each action.
Edit/Delete planning facility.


Thumbprint and card punching attendance system for all.
Easy management of attendance.
Different types of attendance report generation.
Reports can be filtered


Powerful communication system.
Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system
Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents.
Database storing of all communications for future reference.
Event alert on any events, news, holidays etc.


Create different types of exams based on grades, marks etc.
Extensive Report center.
Generate report for required exams.
Automated, quick and on demand report generation.
Statistical and chart reports for a better analytical view.
Question Bank


Secure question bank.
Online question add, edit, delete, publish.
Question archive.
Print facilities.
Report Card

report card

Create report card online
Report card archive and easy searching
Print facilities
Manage Users


Customized control system of user.
Search for any users using the search bar
Define user roles based on responsibility and set privileges as per roles.
View/Edit users’ password and privileges.
Manage Notices/News


Create/edit/delete news.
Search for any news using search bar.
View all news facility.
Add news using rich text format.
Edit/Delete news.
Comment facility on published news.
Delete facility for comment
Human Resources


Employment management.
Employee profile management.
Leave management system.

Premium module

Library management Premium
Hostel management
Transport management
Financial management
Form builder
Repot card builder
Online examination
Email integration
Online class wise lecture
Online result publish

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