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I just wanted to post the Bond's Map that my wife drew during our second game of Dungeon World. So far, bonds have to be one of my favorite things about DW. It just gives you so many hooks to start playing around.

My second favorite part of DW? Throwing the pc's into hard things like walls, trees, hill giants, and each other.

This Saturday I will be running Dungeon World for the first time.  I'm running it for my old gaming group, good guys and gals all around but we only get together a few times a year these days.  

I plan on using one of the awesome Dungeon Starters found over on story-games.  We come from a background of DnD, and the only thing I worry about is getting everyone to buy into the creative agency that they are given.  Do you guys have any best practices for empowering players who are used to being spoon fed by the DM?
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