The pages below were photgraphed from my copy of the said work, and contain the full text of a letter written by Papists and ciruclated in Enlgand in 1533 to the intent of subverting Protestants from the persuasion that the Pope is that man of sin and son of perdition spoken of in Scripture. The 70th week of Daniel is herein represented as still future, the Babylon of Revelation 17 is labeled as literal Babylon, and a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem is referenced in this discourse. The text of the letter is correctly identified by Strype as an innovation and new teaching alien to the understanding of the Bible believing peoples of Europe from the reception of the faith of Jesus Christ in the earliest period of Christian history. Let it be noted that this letter was promulgated a brief three years after Ignatius Loyola had visited London in the summer of 1530 for "the purpose of collecting alms from the Spaniards who at that time resided in the Enlgish metropolis." (The Jesuits in Great Britain by Walsh) While I know of no evidence to tie Ignatius to this letter, it is of interest that it saw the light of day subsequent the begging mission in England of the hallucinatory enthusiast. The only missing elelment of modern 70th week of Daniel dispensationalist teaching is the "rapture," with various other elements of the modern, radical futurist eschatology present in one of their mutant forms. The teaching concerning the conception and birth of "anti-Christ" as detailed in this letter has been repeated in major film productions from "Rosemary's Baby" to "The Devil's Advocate," "End of Days" and the like. It appears that the film industry follows the Papal party line even in these matters, as do "dispensationalist" "Christians." Belief in these "end times" and "last days" scenarios takes the "protest" out of the "Protestant," relegating 70th week of Daniel rapturists to bewail the pagan holidays and rituals of Rome, all the while aiding and abetting the very Papal church they so decry by the spreading the leaven ofthe Pharisees. This same paradigm exists in the doctrinal realm as Arminian "soul winning" "Protestants" preach up free will, human ability, and partial depravity in their desparate efforts to turn goats, dogs and swine into sheep. An indiscriminate preaching of the Gospel to every creature is commanded in the Scriptures, and so it should be, but faith in the Bible demands belief of the words in the Bible. Deviation from faith in the plain words of the King James Bible is, for the English speaker, either evidence of being decieved, downright infidelity, or false profession. I have provided these photographs of the letter so that anyone can print them out and rad thm for themselves. Note also that Strype faithfully preserved the orignal spellings!
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