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I've narrowed down first semester courses from eight to six - now I have to pick three. I can has all the classes?

Economic and Social Theory for Historical Analysis
Historiography and Theory of Social and Cultural History
The "Science of Man" in the Scottish Enlightenment
Approaches to Gender History
Medicine, Science, and Society in late Medieval and Renaissance Italy
Women in Medieval Europe

Mandatory fourth class: Historical Research: Skills and Sources

I've read through the biographies of all the professors concerned and tried to choose based on their interests and the work of their graduate students. I should definitely take "Medicine, Science..." because the professor has the closest intersection of interests with me, and a close second is "Historiography and Theory...." After that, however, I don't know if I should continue in the history of science vein with "The 'Science of Man'..." or try one of the gender classes because I have a vague notion of what my future studies might be, or the "Economic and Social Theory..." because I haven't really studied it before and could benefit from a broadened perspective.

Second semester is rather more simple:

Medicine and Society in Modern Britain
History as Romance, Profession, Critique
Gender and Empire
Gender, Crime, and Deviancy
The Politics of Historiography in Post-Colonial South Asia

Mandatory fourth class: Historical Methodology

If I go the gender route in the first semester, then I will pick gender courses in the second as well. If not, the other three are kind of random but still relevant. And of course, there are all kind of Scottish history classes in both semesters that would be amazing. Graduate students: help! How do you choose?

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