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Man kan skaffa dyr o bunden LG Nexus 4 på bl.a. Tre, men kan man skaffa en obunden och billig i Sverige? Eller är privatimport från USA enda sättet?

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I'd recommend anyone interested in C++ to tune in right now!!
Herb Sutter, chairman of the ISO C++ committee is giving a talk on The Future of C++! Broadcasted live! :-)

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Even if I'm not a Windows user I really do like to read Mark's articles, which reads almost like a detective fiction novel to me :-)

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"When writing a specialization, 
be careful about its location; 
or to make it compile 
will be such a trial 
as to kindle its self-immolation."

-- ISO C++ Standard, section 14.7.3 [temp.expl.spec], paragraph 7

Obviously, there is a poet in the Standard C++ Committee :-)

Stephan T. Lavavej explains it in his new video:

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I'd say that this was about time:
Better late than never though... :-)

From their About page:
Standard C++ Foundation

Goals and Purpose

Standard C++ Foundation is a Washington 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the mission of to promote the correct understanding of modern Standard C++ and facilitate its use on all compilers and platforms.

In particular, two near-term goals of that mission are:
1) To promote dissemination of correct and up-to-date information about modern C++.
2) To promote greater availability of high-quality C++ libraries, including both standard libraries (by reducing barriers to submitting and adopting libraries in Standard C++ itself) and community libraries (by having an organized, and ideally tool-supported, way for C++ developers to discover and use libraries).

The Foundation is funded by sponsor members, book royalties, and in the future possibly other sources. It uses these funds primarily for website development and maintenance expenses, and in the future possibly in other ways that benefit the C++ community such as commissioning new articles or sponsoring conferences.

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