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I've decided to switch to a new Linux distro. I've been playing around with it for months on a small partition, and I now have it tuned exactly the way I like it. So, now, I'd like to do an install on one of the larger partitions, to replace the system that was already there. However, if I do a fresh install, I'd have to go through lots of re-tuning and duplicated effort. Is there a way of copying the contents of one partition to another so that it will all still boot up and work properly? Can I use dd? What do I do about GRUB? Thanks!
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One possible solution is to install the OS to the larger partition from usb (as usual) and then cp all the files from the old partition to the new one. Would this work?
I don't know enough to have a good answer. What distro are you switching to ? I am on Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) and am not keen on 12.10 with the Amazon search. I was thinking of Mint, but read they have some money making wonkiness on their search bar as well.
I'm switching to Manjaro linux. It's based on Arch, but it's very user-friendly. Think Manjaro : Arch :: Mint : Debian. I love it, and I'm not the kind of guy who loves to go mucking around with internal stuff. I need the system to work. The selection of packages is awesome, too.
You can tweak grub to boot the one you like and to mount the
old user directories and stuff on it. Call me for better info.
dd's no good for different sized partitions.  But I do rsync from one partition to another all the time. rsync -avHx <src>/. <target>/. .  But you have to be booted from something else, not <src> or <target> (or you get issues with /dev /proc /sys etc).  If you run update-grub (botted from the original distro), it should find the new one and add to it to its grub.cfg automatically.  Grub's configs (/boot/grub) will still be on the original partition.  That's fine (unless you plan to wipe it).
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