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Here is a credible idea: “We should not eat things that we are maladapted to eat.” On the face of it, this makes perfect sense: if we are maladapted to eating something (or doing anything, for that matter), then clearly it will do us harm. That’s true…

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This seems like the kind of thing +Michael Kleber would like:, although I suspect he'd do something more tiling-the-planish with these techniques.

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Cat fight! Mrowwwr! Hisssssss! Every now and then, you can capture a snapshot of the scientific process at its worst (and paradoxically, its best, too). The trick is to look at the Letters or Perspectives section of your favorite scientific journal. In…

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I have a blog! Topic: evolution. Each week I find some inspiring article from the recent scientific literature and babble about it.

Check it out!

How can I tell whether I want a CPU that is faster (GHz) or has more cache memory? 

Well, I guess it's time for a new computer. The laptop still works great, but I'm doing some serious 3d image processing (skull CT reconstruction and analysis).

I'm thinking about putting together my own machine from components. I have an old box/tower lying around; I think it takes ATX boards.

Anyone have ideas about linux-compatible mother boards, CPUs and GPUs? How to avoid UEFI problems?  I think I can come up with about $500, give or take. Current laptop has 2GB RAM and a 1Ghz CPU, so that's the power I need to beat. 

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...and we've come full circle in the world of PCs.

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A UK company caled "Veber" is trying to trademark the name "Python" and force the Python Software Foundation to change the name of the language. PSF requests community support in the form of protest letters and funds for an appeal. See the link for details. 

I say we boycott Veber.

The Foundation says:

According to our London counsel, some of the best pieces of evidence we can submit to the European trademark office are official letters from well-known companies "using PYTHON branded software in various member states of the EU" so that we can "obtain independent witness statements from them attesting to the trade origin significance of the PYTHON mark in connection with the software and related goods/services." We also need evidence of use throughout the EU.

For a good time, traceroute

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I'm still considering whether to share this on facebook. Different audience.
Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie
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