If you have an iOS device, you have to play with the new Google Search app's voice recognition feature. Open it up, tap on the "Voice" (microphone) icon, and search away. The voice recognition is amazingly slick, fast, and accurate.

If you want the app to speak back to you, you can ask some questions like:
[What is Bill Murray's Bacon number?]
[How far away is New York?] or [How far away is The White House?]
[How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?]
[Is it going to rain this weekend?]
[What is the loneliest number?]
[When is Thanksgiving?]
[What is one terabyte divided by 8.5 gigabytes?]
[What is the electoral college?]
[When was Germantown Academy founded?]
[What is the mascot of the Johns Hopkins University?]
[What is the boiling point of carbon dioxide?]
[How many cups are in one liter?]
[What time does Starbucks open?]

Try it out!
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