Wow! I just noticed that the new Samsung Chromebooks come with 12 free Gogo (inflight Internet) sessions. Considering that a single session usually costs over $12, that's a value of... more than half of a new Chromebook. And the 100 GB of Google storage for 2 years... normally $4.99/month, is a little less than half of a Chromebook. So if you would have paid for those perks otherwise, the device is essentially free. I personally already pay for 200 GB of storage, and while the most I've used Gogo is four times in a single year, I'd probably use the eight other sessions if they were prepaid.

So just in case you wanted to buy a new gadget, and you need extra Google storage and like to connect to the cloud in the clouds, now you can totally justify it. You're welcome. ;-)

I seriously don't work on the Chrome team. I just think that a $250 shareable laptop is awesome.
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