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Susan H. McIntyre
Poet, writer, homemaker w/ chronic illnesses
Poet, writer, homemaker w/ chronic illnesses

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Which indie publishers have you used and been satisfied with? I am looking for a change and could use some feedback. 

Hi! I'm Susan H. McIntyre. I'm a partially housebound author with multiple chronic illness and an absurd sense of humor. I have over 30 years experience writing, but this is the first time I am writing for myself. I am the author of Orphan Dreams (plain-talk poetry) and Living in the Theater of the Absurd: Chronic Illness (creative non-fiction with a serious purpose of fighting the victim mentality). I am working on finding my personal writing voice,and the next book will express more of the faith that has gotten me through the impossible.

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Book trailer for Living in the Theater of the Absurd tells why I wrote this book. Living in the Theater of the Absurd

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No matter how broken we are, we can still dance. Sharing my favorite from you tube: Tragic Tantrum - "Island of Broken Toys"

I am planning my next poetry book. If you have read Orphan Dreams, could you please let me know if you have a favorite. I will be including a "best of Orphan Dreams" section based on reader feedback.

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Wow! This really hits the heart! It makes me think, and I like that!

I'm making snowball cookies, traditional Swedish pepparkakor (spice cookies) and spritzar (a/k/a spritz). If I have time I will also make traditional Armenian boorma (a rolled version of paklava).

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Food for thought. I have learned too much about aspartame that would make me avoid it even if I didn't have fibromyalgia!
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