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Susan H. McIntyre

Rules of Engagement  - 
Which indie publishers have you used and been satisfied with? I am looking for a change and could use some feedback. 
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This is a fascinating way to do it. In California I would have to get a merchant's license. Is there anything else you had to do to declare yourself as your own publishing company?
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Susan H. McIntyre

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hi! I'm Susan H. McIntyre. I'm a partially housebound author with multiple chronic illness and an absurd sense of humor. I have over 30 years experience writing, but this is the first time I am writing for myself. I am the author of Orphan Dreams (plain-talk poetry) and Living in the Theater of the Absurd: Chronic Illness (creative non-fiction with a serious purpose of fighting the victim mentality). I am working on finding my personal writing voice,and the next book will express more of the faith that has gotten me through the impossible.
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Thank you. I am blessed beyond measure! May He also richly and abundantly bless you for such a warm welcome!
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Susan H. McIntyre

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Book trailer for Living in the Theater of the Absurd tells why I wrote this book. Living in the Theater of the Absurd
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Susan H. McIntyre

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I am planning my next poetry book. If you have read Orphan Dreams, could you please let me know if you have a favorite. I will be including a "best of Orphan Dreams" section based on reader feedback.
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Susan H. McIntyre

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Wow! This really hits the heart! It makes me think, and I like that!
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Susan H. McIntyre

I want to write about the role of faith in living a contented life despite medical limitations. Do you think this would be more effective as a fiction novel or as a non-fiction account? My brain is caught in tubular thoughts on this - going round and round. What is your opinion? I want it to be clearly Christian, but I don't want it to feel dry or "preachy" to the reader. What do you think?
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This is one I am thinking of writing. Currently I have written a contemporary poetry book and a creative non-fiction book on living with chronic illness. Although I am currently working on a poetry anthology, I am thinking about where to go next in my writing.
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Susan H. McIntyre

Getting started...  - 
Find out why I wrote Living in the Theater of the Absurd in this book trailer: Living in the Theater of the Absurd
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Thank you so much!
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Susan H. McIntyre

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No matter how broken we are, we can still dance. Sharing my favorite from you tube: Tragic Tantrum - "Island of Broken Toys"
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Note: This is a bit bizarre, yet rather sweet.
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Susan H. McIntyre

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I'm making snowball cookies, traditional Swedish pepparkakor (spice cookies) and spritzar (a/k/a spritz). If I have time I will also make traditional Armenian boorma (a rolled version of paklava).
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Independent Poet, Writer
  • Self
    Poet, Writer, 2011 - present
Basic Information
Poet, writer, homemaker w/ chronic illnesses
I have been writing for many years in business,educational, and personal contexts. I have decided to admit I enjoy writing and choose to focus on it.

Survivor of multiple chronic illnesses & cancer, yet still laughs & enjoys life. I successfully home schooled two multi-need children through grade 12.

I enjoy the opportunity to meet other authors and artists of all genres. I also enjoy meeting others with chronic conditions. 

Though it's a long-term personal work, I enjoy the effort that goes into healing my four rescue animals - 2 dogs, 2 cats.
Bragging rights
Author of "Orphan Dreams", a plain-talk poetry book. Author of "Living in the Theater of the Absurd: Chronic Illness", giving practical daily living tips with humor blended in to help reader avoid victim mentality. Both books have received 5-star reviews! Also cancer survivor.
  • Northwestern University
    Speech & Language Pathology, 1972 - 1976
  • Ramsey High School, NJ
    College Prep, 1968 - 1972
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