The administration and board entrusted with the endowment and oversight of Pennsylvania state's public university system continues to astonish me. The President of the board said yesterday in a conference call that with regards to Paterno's retirement package, "Contracts are contracts" and his will be paid in full.

I had been a huge supporter of Joe Paterno's as well until this independent report came out. Apparently Joe negotiated his contracts over the last 13 years of his career knowing he was coaching w/a then suspected, now convicted, pedophile! Paterno knew since 1998 that Sandusky was at least suspected of this sort of thing and although the university may have forced Sandusky out in 1999 making up some BS about him not getting the head coach job if Joe ever retired, they continued letting him use their facilities where he continued to commit his crimes.

I couldn't imagine being Paterno and passing Sandusky alone with a child in the hallway, or locker room, or parking lot, or somewhere over the next ten plus years. I bet each time Joe said to himself, "You know what, that reminds me to renegotiate my contract." Only after the whistle was finally blown by enough brave enough victims, and the writing was on the wall when the grand jury investigation was announced did Joe go in, secretly negotiate an early retirement and strong arm the university with demands in exchange for keeping quiet. I'm not an attorney, but that sounds to me like first degree theft by extortion. When he was finally fired he wasn't paid a severance. He was paid hush money. Contracts aren't binding if only agreed to under duress.

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