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P'Rody is an enlightened leader. His worldview is broad, expansive as well as inclusive. He serves as a catalyst not only for change but also for national solidarity, divided as Filipinos are by sundry factors such as regionalism, factionalism, ideological differences, social prejudice, fanatical partisanship, etc. Now, our nation cannot long survive if we continue to live in conflict that results from divisiveness. As P'Rody himself put it, it is to put an end to being divided against ourselves as a people that he anchored his decision to allow the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. So, it's all for the sake of national unity and not politics. We stand strong as one nation if we are all united. What greater or nobler vision could beat that? So, Rev Fr Robert Reyes, do remain true to your calling as a Christian priest and not one who runs around to spawn discord, a builder of bridges among people and not of walls.
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