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Manny's a good dude. Behind center field at PNC Park, Manny's Barbecue serves up some of the best food in the stadium. He often sits next to the stands and signs autographs.

Similar to that story, ever heard the story of Tom Walker, Neil Walker's dad? Tom helped Roberto pack the plane that night. Tom offered to accompany him to Puerto Rico, but Robbie insisted that he stay home and spend New Year's eve with his family.

Safe to say, if he was on the plane, we'd have a different second baseman here in Pittsburgh. 

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Marte Par-tay
Judson over at  My Cardboard Habit  and I were able to work out another easy deal. The plan was essentially: "Hey Judson I really want that Marte auto..." And his response was "It's yours, just send whatever and I'll send you Marte." ...pretty sweet deal. I...

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Tabata Time!
Gavin of the well regarded  Baseball Card Breakdown  has a been a consistent trade partner of mine.  I've probably gone back and forth with Gavin more than any other collector. I was trying to figure out why that is today, and I think it's simply because......

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2 Blaster Break - 2014 Topps Chrome/2014 Bowman Chrome
Overcome by "the itch" at Target last night.  Except instead of browsing hanger packs and picking through the .99 cent packs, I was fortunate to come across some discounted blasters. Boy I love seeing those big orange stickers. I've seen them on other blast...

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Autograph Trade Bait Randomness
Browsing my collection on a lazy Sunday and hoping to find some takers on some trade bait that's cluttering my collection. These have been acquired mostly through box breaks. Never been in a accident, one owner (check the carfax). If you folks see anything ...

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Pirates PC Additions
A quick post on this Saturday afternoon to demonstrate that I do, in fact, still collect baseball cards. One of my goals as a Pirates collectors is to have at least one certified autograph of player on the active roster. It's not always easy- finding certif...

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"He Was a Pirate?" Part 4
With the return of my blog, we will also see the return of my personal favorite segment, "He Was a Pirate?" For those who are laying eyes on this for the first time, it's quite simple. There are a bunch of guys that played for the Pirates, and basically no ...

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And the results are in! The Big 44 Reincarnation Contest has concluded with a disappointing number of entries. One person that wont be disappointed is our winner! A reminder of what we're playing for: 2013 Topps Target Red Ryan Ludwick  2014 Topps Miguel Mo...

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Big 44 Reincarnated, With a Contest
Hello world! After a 9 month hiatus, I will attempt to make my triumphant return to the blogging world. My time off has been a product of many factors, the foremost being a very busy schedule. After starting a new job last summer I have finally settled in a...

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He Was a Pirate? Part 3
Hot off the press! A new edition of... He Was a Pirate?!  This week's edition features a good ol' fashioned headcase. Rather than give you mindless clues, I'll just show a series of images. Because, let's face it. Every picture is worth a thousand words! Th...
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