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Aprender y practicar inglés gratis desde internet
Aprender y practicar inglés gratis desde internet

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Read this important lesson on Quantifiers:
Many, much, none, a lot, any, some, a little, a few!

Now fill in these sentences:
1. There isn´t _____ sugar in the bowl.
2. Do we have ____ apples?
3. Can you buy me ______ bananas?
4. She has so ____ money! She´s very wealthy!
5. ______ of these kids like fish. They prefer meat or chicken.

QUESTIONS in English!
When we want to ask a question we need to put the words in the correct order. Normally we start with the Question Word. Here is a list of them:

WHAT- qué
WHICH- cuál
WHERE- dónde
WHO- quién
WHY- por qué
WHEN- cuándo
HOW- cómo
HOW MANY- cuántos
HOW MUCH- cuánto

Now put these questions in order:
1. is/best/your/who/friend/?
2. learning/you/why/are/English/?
3. do/you/did/yesterday/what/?

Do our test on QUESTIONS here!

Happy Monday!
Look at this list of Professions

and tell us:
1. What job would you like to have, if you could choose any job?
2. Which profession is your least favorite on this list?

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Look at the FOOD vocabulary and colorful pictures on this link:

1. What food do you need to make an OMELETTE?
2. What is JAM made of?
3. If you want to ROAST a chicken where do you cook it?
4. What fruit is used to make WINE?
5. What snack can you eat at the CINEMA?
6. What sea animal has 8 LEGS?

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Listen to this song by Avril Lavigne and read the lyrics on the screen. It´s a great song to practice the PRESENT CONTINUOUS!

Complete these lines from the song:
1.I´m tugging at my__
2. I´m pulling at my _____
3. I´m trying to keep my ____
4. I´m ____ at my feet
5. My cheeks are _______ red
6. I´m ________ for the words inside my ____
7. I´m feeling _________
8. Trying to be so __________

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Here is our lesson with vocabulary and expressions related to money and banking.

Fill in with an appropriate word:
1. You can pay ______ or by credit card.
2. Can you give me _______ for a $10 bill?
3. Is there an extra _______ for this transaction?
4. We want to buy a new car but we don´t have enough money. We are going to ask about ______ at our bank.

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English for TELEPHONE conversations!
Here are some important phrases we use when we speak on the telephone!

Read the 1st and 2nd conversation on this link and tell us:
What does the receptionist say to Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones?
Send us some of her questions....

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Look at these pictures of MUSICAL instruments and the vocabulary words:

Now tell us:
1. How many of these instruments are played with the mouth?
2. Which instrument do children like to play and in this picture it has lots of different colors?
3. Name an instrument used in Rock music
4. Name an instrument used in a symphony
5. Can you play any instruments? (Or could you when you were young?)

Do the endings of these PAST SIMPLE verbs sound like "d", "t" or "id"?


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Look at this list of OBJECTS with pictures!

Then please tell us the name of the OBJECT:
1. Where do we put our pens and pencils?
2. What motor vehicle has two wheels?
3. What do we use to stick two pieces of paper together?
4. What kind of boat can cars go on?
5. What do we use to hold papers together?
6. If we make a mistake with a pencil we use a _____
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