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When I build my own house, it very much could resemble this place!!

Theory of Success (Taken from )

This theory does not diminish individual brilliance but focuses on the tight network of supporters and collaborators gathered around an individual. In science, for example, we like to think of Nobel prize–winners as prodigies locked in laboratories alone until the day they concoct their winning formulae. In practice, most of the scientific elite build on the work of others – their predecessors and colleagues. The same can be said of economics. Our most outstanding entrepreneurs and business pioneers are rarely solo fliers. In The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990), Harvard economist Michael Porter argued that what mattered most to an economy’s long-term success was having highly concentrated networks of innovative people, rather than lots of individual geniuses. Radical breakthroughs in technology and business innovation are rare occurrences, but they are more likely to happen when like-minded people cluster together.

ok new G+ questions.. If I'm running a event or promoting something are their any restrictions? Can I make different accounts for different events OR is their to make events ect from my profile (this is sounding very facebookish I know)

Good to see people slowing jumping on to G+ .... Question time though - Can you see what circle others have added you to, or visa versa??

This might be a personal thing, but I don't think I have really had a full taste of what G+ can offer and don't think I will until my circles start to expand more! Either I need more friends or we need more people on here!

First G+ post...although still trying to get my head around it.... all in good time I think..

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