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OK, so Mississippi just became a cool place to live! When I went to the poll to vote yesterday I was issued a document explaining my rights to vote. On this document it cites state code 23-15-11 that says:

"Every inhabitant of this state, except idiots and insane persons, who is a citizen of the United States of America, eighteen years old and upwards, who has resided in this state for thirty days and for thirty days in the county in which he offers to vote, and for thirty (30) days in the supervisor's district or in the incorporated city or town in which he offers to vote, and who shall have been duly registered as an elector of the state under the laws thereof, and who has never been convicted of any crime listed in Section 241, Mississippi Constitution of 1890, shall be a qualified elector in and for the county, municipality and voting precinct of his residence, and shall be entitled to vote at any election."

So, in gleefull curiosity, what legaly defines someone as an idiot? LOL!!! Better than that, is anyone seeking phycological therapy or taking drugs to counteract phycological issues fall into the category of insane? You could have a hayday with that one!

So how many of us are still considered legitimate voters?

Thank you Christa for pointing that out to me!
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