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How To Print & Order Head Shots Online! (Hollywood & Los Angeles Print Business Goes Global!) (Order Headshots Online)
If you're looking to print, order & receive high-quality headshots, look no further! We have made it incredibly easy & hassle free for you. Our quality & turnaround times are unparalleled. Let's not waste your time. Watch the video below & follow the steps!...

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Bruce Bermudez: The Artist In Hollywood 2017 Interview
Meet  'The artist in Hollywood'  himself, Bruce Bermudez! He's played music in   White House for the  President of the United States, in New York’s Rockefeller Center and for the Queen of England at the London Palladium. His accomplishments don't stop there...

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Bruce Bermuda: The Artist In Hollywood 2017 Interview
Meet 'The artist in Hollywood' himself, Bruce Bermuda! He's played music in   White House for the President of the United States, in New York’s Rockefeller Center and for the Queen of England at the London Palladium. His accomplishments don't stop there. Ac...

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Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival 2017: Freda Sideroff Interview!
We took time to meet up with Freda Sideroff, the founder of Garifuna International Film Festival! She has channeled the energy of her ancestors to bring Los Angeles a film festival for the voices of all indigenous cultures. Now on it's 6th year, GIFF begins...

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Kevin Donan: Hollywood's Legendary Record Store Owner
Kevin Donan is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. Nestled back in the Artisan Patio on iconic Hollywood Boulevard, As The Record Turns provides some rare, authentic energy to Los Angeles' most popular neighborhood. On arrival, you can find two rooms fu...

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North Hollywood CineFest: NoHo's Premiere Film Festival!
Here at Copymat Hollywood , we’ve
been supporting the arts for over 20 years. When we met Gustavo Sampaio, we
knew we had found someone special in the community. He was a successful
professional editor winning Emmy Awards working with the likes of CBS,

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Los Angeles Volunteer Group "ResisterhoodLA" Gives Back! 2017 Exclusive Interview.
Here at Copymat Hollywood, we've been supporting local organizations, charities, students & arts for over 20+ years. We love seeing people in the community step up & give back to our great city of Los Angeles. When we spoke to one of our customers Bianca Ca...

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Tomatomania! 2017 Interview of World's Largest Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale.
  Tomatomania! is the world's largest heirloom tomato seedling sale! It's also the most fun (they insisted on letting you know that, too). We sat down with Scott Daigre, the leader of the tomatomaniac team, to discuss their legendary & ever-growing tomato e...

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Magi Avila 2017 Interview: Entertainment & Singing Icon
Magi Avila is a rare talent who has seen success in not only Hollywood, but in Mexico as well. Singing, acting & entertaining the masses, Magi is one accomplished individual! Read her biography here but first, see our exclusive interview below! Do you remem...

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we crossed paths with Los Angeles frequent Yuko Mabuchi. Born and
raised in
Fukui, Japan, Yuko Mabuchi grew up on piano & Jazz. She's worked on
several projects with Copymat favorite & Hollywood legend Billy Mitchell , making a name for herself as ...
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