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"Check Yourself on the Negativity--We Don't Need It"

At the announcement of the death of Houston Police officer Steve Perez, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner reminded critics to "Check yourself. We don't need the negativity."

While he was talking about people criticizing the police department for feeding police officers during this terrible disaster, to me, it applies to ALL those who criticize police officers for political reasons. Officer Perez got up at 4 AM on Sunday to return to duty, helping us here in Houston. He died trying to get to work. Criticizing police officers or those of us who support them is not what we need here in Houston.

I feel the same way about those who are critiquing President Trump for coming to Texas. You are not here.

You do not see what has happened. The devastation is just unfolding and it will take billions and billions of dollars and several years and assistance from the federal government to recover. We cannot do this alone.

President Trump has gone to congressional leaders to prepare them for what is going to be needed and has come to Texas to assure us of this. He is doing his job.

We need the President to be in Texas and to come back many more times. God put Donald Trump in the position of president at this time, so if you do not have anything positive to contribute, please check yourself.

We do not need you trying to divide or politicize this natural disaster. We want to use it for God's purpose and that's to bring us together.

So once again, check yourself!

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West Virginia Governor SWITCHES from Democrat to Republican at Trump Rally

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In Memoriam John Clarence Witson, Jr.

Dear TFRO Supporter,
This week, we were all shocked to learn of the death of our good friend John Clarence Witson Jr.

John was the founder of several consulting business ventures, including John was a private man who had many friends in public life. His professional work helped political candidates rise to office.

John provided counsel to TFRO years ago as we started on our mission to identify and engage black voters. John's clients included state-wide officials, state legislators, school district board members, county commissioners, and candidates for city offices.

We at TFRO are grateful for not only his professional counsel, but for his loyal friendship. Below, you will find details about his memorial service.

Monday, July 31, 2017 at 11:00am
Carl Barnes Funeral Home Chapel
746 W 22nd St.
Houston, Texas 77008
*The interment will be at a later date.

John Clarence Witson, our good friend, gone too soon but his contribution to our society remains.

We pray for the repose of his soul.

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Will the New Chairman of the Republican Party Do In Texas What Trump Did Nationwide?

In January of 2016, several weeks before the Texas Primary, I posted on my blog the reasons why Donald Trump could win the presidency and why it would be good for our party.

I believed then and even more now that the key to winning elections in the future, both in Texas and nationwide, is an ongoing campaign to identify, persuade, and turn out an increasing number of minority voters--especially black voters.

The 2016 presidential election was the most diversified election in history and this trend will only continue.

James Dickey, the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, won a special election held by the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) a few weeks ago.

Dickey used this 3-point message:
I have a track record of raising money for the PARTY.
I have used data and digital tools to reach new voters and I will expand the use of these tools to identify, engage, and turn out minority voters.
I have partnered with community-based organizations like the Austin chapter of the NAACP to get Republican candidates elected to the Austin City Council.
In a state with more than 2 million registered black voters, the majority of whom DO NOT vote in the Democratic Primary, there is a huge number of "persuadable" voters for the Republican Party to engage.

Using digital tools to identify a large pool of black voters, Donald Trump delivered his 3-point "New Deal" which persuaded enough black voters to vote for him--8% nationwide and 11% in Texas. This is how he won the election.

Will James Dickey do the same here in Texas?

Now is the time for each state party to identify and engage those new voters that President Trump turned out and recruit some for our ballot in 2018.

Bill Calhoun is Chairman of the Texas Federation for Republican Outreach (TFRO), a RPT coalition member that identifies and helps turn out black voters.

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I want to see how many Democratic friends, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, TD Jakes and other black pastors, are gonna call for the firing of Bill Maher like so many have done in demanding the firing of Sean Hannity.

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Trump Showed the Republican Party
How to Win With Black Voters

The Trump campaign strategy has been discussed by many political experts, but only Karl Rove gives black voters the credit they deserve for the victory.
Donald Trump’s strategy was to engage black voters with the same campaign message--Make America Great Again. But, will 2018 Republican candidates embrace Trump's strategy?

Trump selected issues from the Republican platform like regulatory repeal, job-creation, border security, and education reform. He then explained how his position on these issues was the best way to revitalize inner city neighborhood economies.

So, how did Trump execute his strategy? He used a simple 4-point plan in selected battleground states where there is a significant black population like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Here is what Trump did…
1. He made a decision to include black voters in his campaign plan.
2. He did not pander.
3. He chose issues important to black voters.
4. He explained to black voters the benefits of supporting his campaign.

In his own words, Trump explained how border security will decrease the flow of illegal immigrants and increase jobs for black workers. Trump explained how tax reform will improve conditions so that more black voters will be able to start a business and create a job for themselves. And, he explained that education reform is not an assault on public education but an effort to give black parents more choices on where to educate their children.

The strategy worked!

In order to win in 2018 and beyond, black voters must be part of the campaign plan of every Republican candidate who has a significant black population in his/her district or state.

Not only did a half million more black voters vote for Trump than voted for Romney, but another million voted against Hillary by staying home.

If Republican candidates at the local, state and federal level adopt and execute Trump’s strategy, they will see an increase in black voter totals even in Republican primaries. Candidates no longer have to fear being accused of pandering by their primary opponents.

Will Republican candidates adopt the Trump strategy? We will find out over the next several months.


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Several TFRO Members attended the event with KNTH on April 13, 2017 at 7:30pm for The First 100 Days of Trump. The event took place at Houston Baptist University in the Dunham Theater.

Keynote speaker was Karl Rove, former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. Also on stage was Special Guest Larry Elder, an American lawyer, writer and radio and television personality.

At the pre-reception, Chairman Bill Calhoun and Executive Director Mona Lisa Chambers were pleased to greet Karl Rove and reminisce about the days when Calhoun and Rove worked together to get George W. Bush elected as Governor then later President. Calhoun was also elated to finally meet Larry Elder and congratulate him for having a successful radio show that explains and educates listeners on current events and conservative principles.
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