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First jobs tough to get in Albert last year
Published: The Owl By: ATB Financial's Economics & Research Team It may have been
selling corn dogs at the
summer fair or clearing

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The strange geopolitics of rising oil prices
By: H.T. Published: The Economist Why oil is at a two-year high A STRANGE paradox underpins the recent rise in the price of oil to around $60 a barrel, its highest level in two years. On the one hand, it partly reflects optimism that when producers from the...

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A Look Back to Looking Forward
By Rod Garland 100 years ago in October and November of 1917, four divisions of the Canadian Corps took
turns assaulting Passchendaele ridge in Belgium during WW1. After separate
attacks , t hey succeeded in
capturing it and the ruins of Passchendaele villa...

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Red tape chasing investors away from Alberta's energy industry
By Kenneth P. Green, Elmira Aliakbari and Ashley Stedman - The Fraser Institute Published: Fort Nelson News          TransCanada Corp. recently pulled the plug on Energy East, its proposed 1.1-million-barrel-per-day oil pipeline between Alberta and New Brun...

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The Future for Pipelines in Alberta
By: Rod Garland Published: The Source Magazine Fall/Winter Edition 2017 The Future for
Pipelines in Alberta The Alberta Enterprise Group recently held a panel
discussion in Calgary to analyse the demise of the Energy East pipeline and discuss
what it could ...

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'What Trudeau won't tax' hashtag pokes fun at PM
Published: IPOLITICS By: Janice Dickson As the Trudeau government continues to defend its controversial tax proposals in the face of fierce private sector criticism, a new hashtag has emerged on Twitter poking fun at the things Trudeau "won't tax." Conserva...

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By: Kevin Turko Published: Oilfield Pulse         If one takes the time to surf through all the news and the NEB website, I've got to tell you, it is tough not to get depressed with the state our country is in these days. Before I jump into the middle of th...

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Wake up Canada! Get behind energy megaprojects or get ready for the consequences
By: Terry Etam Published: Fort Nelson News // BOE Report           Not many commodities are hot anymore; investors are quite comfortable shunning the segment. But perhaps you may want to know about a commodity that in contrast is particularly overheated the...

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A Few Questions for Canada's NIMBY Crowd
By: Mark Scholz - President of CAODC Published: The Hitch - Summer 2017 President's Message L ocals and globally-funded environmental groups who oppose the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project object to any infrastructure that might result in a pr...

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Published: Oilfield Pulse By: Kevin Turko - CEO - Oilfield Hub Inc            It's almost impossible these days to watch an cable news network or national news broadcast without encountering some sort of story covering a protest rally or group shouting out ...
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