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8th International Conference on COMmunication System & NETworkS
8th International Conference on COMmunication System & NETworkS

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We are excited to host Prof. Ravi Sundaram for delivering an invited talk during COMSNETS 2016. He will be delivering a talk on "A study of the structure and vulnerabilities of metropolitan area networks". Please comment with your thoughts/questions on the topic.
Speaker's Bio:
Professor Sundaram’s primary research interests lie in networks and algorithms. He is interested in network performance and approximation algorithms for the design and efficient utilization of networks. He enjoys devising efficient schemes for improving the performance of network based applications and validating their use through innovative systems implementations. He is also interested in network security and game theoretic aspects of network usage. In the past he has worked in complexity theory and combinatorics.
Professor Sundaram joined Northeastern in the fall of 2003. Prior to that he was Director of Engineering at Akamai Technologies, where he played a critical role in the buildout of the world’s leading content delivery network; he established the mapping group which is responsible for directing browser requests (over 10 billion a day) to the optimal Akamai server.
Outline of Talk:
In recent years, there have been numerous geographically localized disruptions in Internet connectivity, as a result of malicious or natural causes. Though Internet-wide vulnerabilities have been studied extensively, the robustness of metropolitan area networks is still not well understood. In this paper, we study structural properties and vulnerabilities in metropolitan area networks, and develop techniques to monitor failures by small detection sets. By combining geolocation techniques with trace route based measurements, we collect a large data set for 12 of the 25 most populated metropolitan regions in the US. Our analysis reveals that the structure of these paths gives superior insights into the robustness of metropolitan area networks as compared to the topological structure of the graph induced by these paths, which has been traditionally studied.
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Find your Next Step@COMSNETS2016
We are excited to announce the inaugural installment of Mentoring Sessions at COMSNETS 2016! To better serve the student
community, COMSNETS 2016 is introducing Mentoring Sessions that give students an opportunity to interact one-on-one with eminent researchers in the field of communication systems and networks. This new element of the COMSNETS program enables the students to get feedback on their current research results and future research plans. All graduate-student attendees of COMSNETS 2016, i.e., students enrolled in a doctoral or Master’s program, are encouraged to apply.
After a successful drive to recruit eminent researchers from around the world (over 34 and counting!), we are now accepting
applications from our student attendees to apply for the mentoring sessions. If you are a student, we would strongly encourage you to apply for the Mentoring Sessions. If you know any students who you believe would benefit from these Mentoring Sessions, we
request you to pass this information along to them.
Important Links
COMSNETS 2016 Mentoring Sessions Page:
COMSNETS 2016 Mentors:
COMSNETS 2016 Mentoring Sessions Application Form:…/1nS1DBVIDSBLI8IA8lyDEBec…/viewform
We look forward to seeing you at ‪#‎COMSNETS2016‬ !!
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Looking forward to your participation in COMSNETS 2016. Here is the formal call for participation. If you wanna connect with COMSNETS on the go, download and install our COMSNETS app (Android: and Apple
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The COMSNETS 2016 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce a significant number of travel grants to facilitate local and international travels of the participants. The deadline for application is 2nd of December. Please find more information here:

Apply before time runs out!!

#COMSNETS2016 #TravelGrant #Bangalore
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COMSNETS 2016 Paper Submission Guidelines for Authors:
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#COMSNETS 2015 #CFP can be found at  . Abstracts are due on Aug 29, 2014, and papers by Sep 5, 2014
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