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Austin Habitat for Humanity
Building homes, communities and hope
Building homes, communities and hope

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Did you catch us on KXAN last night? 

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Learn more about Austin's need for affordable housing here: #WorlHabitatDay #WorldHabitatWeek

To afford housing costs
- 31 percent of renters have gone without health care
- 22 percent of renters have gone without food
- 21 percent of renters have gone without insurance

Families are spending the majority of their income on housing, and have little money remaining to pay for other basic necessities. #WorlHabitatDay #WorldHabitatWeek

Homeownership is the basis for a number of positive social, economic, family, and civic outcomes. It boosts the educational performance of children, lowers crime rates and lessens welfare dependency, induces higher civic and volunteer participation, and improves health care outcomes #WorlHabitatDay #WorldHabitatWeek

Safe homes and neighborhoods help to build social stability and security. #WorldHabitatDay

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Today is #WorldHabitatDay. Help us raise awareness about the 1.6 billion people in need of adequate shelter.

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Muggy morning but full of smiles and hard workers. Raised the walls on #thehousethatbarsbuilt

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Check out Ebonie and Georgia on Studio 512!

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