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Detox Foot Pads
detox your body... while you sleep!
detox your body... while you sleep!

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Babies Can Be Detoxed, TOO!
I just LOVE my baby nephew. He is such a chunk and he is now almost 4 months old. My sister went ahead and got him vaccinated (I disagree with vaccinating, especially babies, but this isn't about pro or anti-vax). So, I had her use the detox foot pads on hi...

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Glasstic Brand Glass Water Bottles - Unbreakable!
The  Glasstic shatterproof glass water bottle  is awesome. I only drink out of glass, except on the very rare occasion when I am traveling and need to buy bottled water from a store. I have broken my share of glass bottles. Months later I have found glass s...

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Baby car seat cover and drool bibs
This set includes a car seat cover that can be used as a nursing cover or shopping cart cover, and comes with a drawstring carry bag plus three gender neutral bandanna drool bibs.  It has stretchy fabric that should fit all car seats, shopping carts, high c...

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Nutri Maqui Liquid Antioxidant Supplement
I had the opportunity to try out this Nutri Maqui Antioxidant Supplement . I am always looking for something that tastes good enough so my husband will eat or drink it! He doesn't swallow pills and it is hard getting vegetables into him, so I know he needs ...

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50% off Detox Foot Pads - One Day Only
My sister had her baby on Friday! I am so excited. Mom and baby are doing well. All my customers know that my sister, Suzy, fills and ships the orders with loving care. And now we are going to celebrate the birth of her son, my adorable nephew, by offering ...

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41% Off Detox Foot Pads
BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!!  I am turning 41 this month so I wanted to give you a special discount!! This month we are offering you 41% off your order of detox foot pads . Good through April 30th. Use coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY  at checkout :) You also get FREE shipp...

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New Air Spring Water Dispenser (WAT30B) and Spring Filtration Bottle (WAT10W) Review
I have a new favorite item in my house. It is this New Air Spring Water Dispenser and Spring Filtration Bottle. I am in love. It will look nice almost anywhere in your kitchen, and it has some pretty good features as well.  Let's talk about the Water Filtra...

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Steward Pet Foods -- Raw and Freeze Dried... and HEALTHY
Stewart® Raw Naturals™ Freeze Dried Pet Food  is a huge treat in my house!! Both my cat and my dog absolutely LOVE it and will do any amount of begging, pleading, tricks, or even give me the puppy dog eyes to have me give them some. We use it as a treat vs ...

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Compact Camping Stove
I received this " camping stove " today and it comes with the two pans (they are tiny, like one serving size) and the igniter thing that you screw onto a butane canister (the 4oz ones are smaller and easier to carry). It doesn't come with the fuel, but for ...

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High Quality Furnace Filters For Your Home
I got to review this set of high quality furnace filters for my home. Most homes have only one filter, and it is near their furnace. But my home is weird. There are two air returns and both of them have filters (in different sizes!) which is quite odd. So w...
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