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Ryan Sinclair
I'm an uncle, tech enthusiast, amateur chef, and writer at heart.
I'm an uncle, tech enthusiast, amateur chef, and writer at heart.

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Bravo, internets.

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I don't normally like to share stuff like this, but I just thought the reactions from this couple were awesome.

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Spot on... 
Sesame Street's brilliant parody of House of Cards


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"What kind of monster puts Artisanal butter in the freezer?!"

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Great day, first to Cheekwood and now grabbing an Iced coffee with my love.

XBMC (now Kodi) on the Amazon FireTV is amazing. Negates building another HTPC box for me.

Using a sacrificial app to launch it is a very nice feature too. (the alternative is going to system > settings and launching it from All Applications).

Thx to +Jean Paul Jarboe​​​ for the heads up. 

XBMC/Handbrake aficionados: What audio track do you pick for your Blu-ray encodes? AC3 pass thru, DTS-MA? Other?

I've been using AC3 pass thru for some time (started using with DVD and continued with Blu-ray), but recently started wondering if I'm missing out. Tried Guardians of the Galaxy in both, and the DTS-MA track actually seems quieter somehow. 

Sorry, I keep saying XBMC. Ahem. Kodi.

#xbmc #handbrake

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Raspberry Pi 2 announced w/quad core processor and 1gb RAM. NICE!

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So Yatse is a pretty cool Kodi/XBMC remote. Very polished and it's certainly a lot easier to set up than the Official XBMC Remote.  Definitely worth the $5
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