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The Best Tanzania Holiday: Climb Kilimanjaro and an African Safari

"Kilimanjaro is located just south of the equator, next to the Serengeti. There are many decisions to make when planning your climb, from the route, to the time frame, and whether you believe in hiking poles.

But of all the options and choice, the best decision you’ll make will be to combine your climb with an African safari, another excellent Tanzania destination, which is usually the continent’s biggest draw..."

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#Africa #Travel #Tanzania #Kilimanjaro #Serengeti #Safari #Adventure

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"Auckland is my second home! I have been here many many times through out my life to visit family, travel and relax. I love Auckland because of it’s happy people, beautiful coasts and local towns.

If you’re wondering what to do in the North Island and Auckland city to maximise your time, here are some things I would suggest..."

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#NZ #Auckland #Travel #NewZealand

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Amazon Jungle Hotels & Lodges

"Ecuador is part of the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon. Through this region of the country many Amazon River tributaries flow descending from the Andes, which also makes this section of the Amazon most diverse because of the various altitudes related to the mountain chain.

This extraordinary territory of Ecuador is called "el Oriente" or "the East". It is home to indigenous tribes that continue to live without contact to the outside world and boasts an astonishing amount of distinct plant, animal and insect species, many still left to be discovered..."

See more - Amazon Travel in Ecuador

#Ecuador #Amazon #Nature #Travel #AdventureTravel

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10 reasons to spend winter in Sweden

"While Sweden seems to be at its most captivating during the warm summer months of June to August, here’s an insider tip – the country is just as beautiful during the height of winter.

Here are 10 reasons to spend winter in Sweden..."

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#Travel #Scandinavia #Sweden #Winter #Holiday

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Using Google Maps online when travelling makes life a lot easier!

You never get lost again - unless you wish to do so. 😎

#Traveltips #GoogleMaps #Online

Thanks +Google Maps for making our holiday in France so easy!

When we wanted to see new places, all we needed to do was search for the destination and we got bus + train schedules, with easy-to-follow bus and train stops. ❤️

Now with the new G+ I cannot organize these photos in any way, so they are in the wrong order: The blue one for the bus is first and the red for the train stops is the second.

Perhaps if I changed the time of the second one... But too many clicks to do something, like everywhere on the blasted new Google+. 😡

#Travel #GoogleMaps #Schedules #Timetables #GooglePhotos

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Cypriot Food, Desserts & Drinks

Learn about Cyprus Meze, Tavernas and other Cypriot delicacies:

"A holiday to Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the traditional Cypriot dishes and delicacies. If traditional Cypriot food is what you are looking for (and you should be) we have used our love of food to come up with a lot of useful tips and a list of definitions to help you navigate Cyprus cuisine..."

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#Cyprus #Kypros #Travel #Food #Europe #Islandlife

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Phi Phi Islands - Phuket 101

"Phi Phi islands don’t need introduction anymore, Leonardo DiCaprio took care of this in 2000 with the movie ‘The Beach’ and the place just keeps on getting bigger and busier.

The island was wiped out during the 2004 tsunami and despite what was said at the time, the construction just got bigger and maybe not better. However, the young crowd travelling to Phi Phi Islands seems to have great time so we decided to check it.

No doubt it’s super crowded, especially at night, but yes the islands are beautiful and a great place for party..."

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#Thailand #Travel #Phuket #Krabi #PhiPhi #IslandHopping

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What would you recommend for travellers to see in Nice, France?

Or on the Cote d'Azur area?

#Travel #Europe #France #Nice

Lovely flower market in Nice, France

The Marché aux Fleurs at Cours Saleya in the Old Town is worth a visit.

Many restaurants and of course beautiful flowers. In the morning there's also a fruit & vegetable market.

#Flowerphotography #Flowermarket #Nice #France #Flowers

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Mitä tehdä hiihtolomalla lasten kanssa, jos et ole lähdössä Lapin lumille tai etelän lämpöön? Suomessa riittää paljon erinomaisia kohteita perheille! >>

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17 of the Top Travel Blogs to Follow in 2017

"The travel blogging field has exploded exponentially over the past decade.

What began as a simple way for a few adventurous souls to share their journeys with friends and family has become a lucrative industry. These days, the best travel blogs are transforming the way people travel..."

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#Travel #Travelblogs #Blogging #Traveltips
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