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Just idea: not everyone need quick setting, as you can also get them by swiping from top downwards and - at least wie Android N - you also have quick access to most needed seetings.
So what, if you swipe to widget cards instead? Have you ever seen Smart Launcher and its widget pages?

I all together. I'm using an unofficial DU release for me Sony Xperia Z Ultra for some days now and it is really great: fast, smooth and stable. I thought I would never get more than Android 5.1.1 on my device, now it's running 7.1.2.

There is just one thing: Space for apps ist quite limited, even if not system apps.
Does anyone know a good way or app to get as much as possible data to sd card?

Stumbled apon Material Status Bar yesterday, reported lots of bugs earlier today, now I have just finished translation to german. Have fun ;)

You just deleted my post about bugs. That's okay with me, but other users may experience the same problems and won't know this way, if these bugs were reported already.
Perhaps it is better to give this community more boards like "Annoncements" (writeable for developers only), "General Discussion", "Screenshots", "Suggestions", "Assistence", "Bug reports" and "Solved problems", instead of deleting posts.

Do you take a look at other Launchers sometimes?
A questions to both other users and developers.

I recently stumbled apon ASAP Launcher and I kind of like their "Cards", especially "contacts" and it's sorting "frequent" and "recent". Their expandeble dock drawer learning which apps are used most is also a very nice idea.
But they don't support widgets in anyway.
And I missed my arc quick start, so I switched back after a few minutes.
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"Get it free" doesn't work. Have downloaded and used the suggested app.

When opening panel theme for notifications for the first time, there is only "L", "N", "T" and "M". The next time there is "L", "T", "M", "M Dark" and "G".
"G" crashes immediately.

I don't see any difference between material status bar theme "Lollipop" and "Flat" (iOS) or "Gradient" and "Dark Gradient".

"Use dark icons on home screen" doesn't do anything.

And is it so hard to give a theme a name with a meaning instaed of just a letter that menas nothing (I guess, "L" stands for "Lollipop", "N" for "Nougat", "M" for "Marshmellow", but "G" isn't a "Gingerbread" style and "T"?)

Heads Up makes problems with some apps like "blue light filters" or cornerfly.

The original status bar is not replaced, but this one is just in front of the original, so sometimes I can see 2 status bars, very annoying.

"Share" form menu doesn't work.

So in general: idea is nice, but the way it is realised is bad.

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Reichsbank - schlie├člich ist es Ihr Geld
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Alle Achtung. Das sollten mal mehr Menschen lesen!
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Maybe just a translation error, but the text for both color options for search bar is identical.
Call second one "Farbe des Hinweistextes auf der Suchleiste".
Until then you can see which option belongs to which part of the search bar by using different colors only.
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I just wanted to give the search pill another try. But the cut-off date is a bit annoying. Can we use that space in any other way? I don't need the current date there..
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